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What is gulfstream s cabin essent...,
What dampens main entry door duri...,
What happens when outside door sw...
19  cards
Oxygen System
G650 has separate oxygen bottles ...,
What s the location of oxygen ser...,
When does overboard discharge occur
15  cards
How is pressurization achieved,
How is control of cabin pressure ...,
Automatic pressurization is avail...
20  cards
What controls the associated ecs ...,
How many temperature zones are th...,
What happens when a pack switch i...
12  cards
Ice And Rain
What are the two types of protect...,
Where is ice buildup prevented,
Describe the ice detection system
22  cards
What are the three sources of air...,
What s another name for 5th stage...,
What s the purpose of pressure re...
18  cards
Landing Gear and Brakes
How is the landing gear controlle...,
What does the light red faa or wh...,
What s the meaning of magenta gea...
35  cards
Fire Protection
Which bottle can be discharged in...,
How do you know if a fire bottle ...,
How are fire handles normally loc...
24  cards
Power Plant
What section of engine provides a...,
The parameter used to measure for...,
What happens to engine during wat...
56  cards
What s the purpose of apu,
What indication do you have that ...,
When should you check apu oil level
24  cards
Fuel System
Where is fuel stored,
Describe location and capacity of...,
What s the purpose of ventilation...
20  cards
Flight Controls
G650 uses fly by wire technology ...,
Describe some benefits of this fl...,
Name the primary flight controls
66  cards
What s the purpose of power trans...,
What s the purpose of aux pump,
Where are hydraulic reservoirs lo...
18  cards
Max fuel weight,
Max approved airport altitude,
Max runway slope for takeoff and ...
22  cards
What happens when ann lights test...,
What happens when master control ...,
What happens when master control ...
15  cards
Describe modular avionics units m...,
Describe the function of touch co...,
Which display units du s are refe...
44  cards
What types of components generall...,
What types of components generall...,
How many tru s convert ac to dc p...
55  cards

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