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Unit 1 Intro to Real Estate Business Quiz
A professional opinion of a prope...,
In general when the supply of a c...,
Which factor primarily affects su...
20  cards
Unit 1 Key Terms
A licensee real estate salesperso...,
An increase in the worth or value...,
One who acts as a intermediary on...
17  cards
Unit 2 Real Property & the Law Quiz
Real estate generally includes al...,
The term non homogeneity refers t...,
Another term for personal propert...
9  cards
Unit 2 Key Terms
Acquiring title to additions or i...,
The increase or addition of land ...,
The right to use the open space a...
27  cards
Unit 3 Key Terms
A judicial or administrative proc...,
Private agreements that affect la...,
Clauses in a deed limiting the fu...
32  cards
Unit 4 Key Terms
Parts of a property that are nece...,
A system of property ownership ba...,
The absolute ownership of a unit ...
20  cards
Unit 5 Key Terms
Designated airspace over a piece ...,
The main imaginary line running e...,
Permanent reference marks or poin...
18  cards
Unit 6 Key Terms
A formal declaration made before ...,
The actual open notorious hostile...,
A deed that carries with it no wa...
29  cards
Unit 7 Key Terms
The condensed history of the reco...,
A court action that establishes o...,
Express information or fact that ...
14  cards
Unit 8 Key Terms
Laws designed to preserve the fre...,
When individuals or businesses wi...,
The bringing together of parties ...
19  cards
Unit 9 Key Terms
The relationship between the prin...,
One who acts or has the power to ...,
A principal agent relationship in...
28  cards
Unit 10 Key Terms
A principal agent relationship in...,
A comparison of the prices of rec...,
A listing contract under which th...
8  cards
Unit 11 Key Terms
A change to the existing content ...,
The transfer in writing of intere...,
A contract by which all parties t...
31  cards
Unit 12 Key Terms
The clause in a mortgage or deed ...,
A loan characterized by a fluctua...,
The clause in a mortgage or deed ...
44  cards
Key Terms Unit 13
Covers more than one parcel or lo...,
A way to temporarily lower intere...,
States the properties current mar...
27  cards
Key Terms Unit 14
Expenses to be prorated owed to t...,
This helps to streamline the sett...,
Involves two major events the pro...
17  cards
Key Terms Unit 15
A tax levied according to value g...,
This is applied to raise or lower...,
A ____ arises out of common law a...
25  cards
Mid Term Quick Learn
Which of the following is not con...,
Which of the following actions co...,
Type of real property ownership t...
37  cards
Key Terms Unit 16
Loss in value resulting from prop...,
Value is created by the expectati...,
An opinion of value based on supp...
37  cards
Unit 17 Key Terms
When a tenant breaches a lease or...,
A tenant transfers the entire lea...,
If a landlord breaches any clause...
26  cards
Unit 18 Key Terms
A complaint from hud may be heard...,
Prohibits discrimination in emplo...,
The act of encouraging people to ...
12  cards
Unit 19 Key Terms
Compares actual results with the ...,
A monthly statement that details ...,
Involves the actual repairs that ...
14  cards
Unit 20 Key Terms
Used to ease the transition from ...,
The specification of construction...,
Indicates that the property is su...
19  cards
Unit 21 Key Terms
A fire resistant mineral that was...,
Defunct derelict or abandoned com...,
Are nontoxic nonflammable chemica...
22  cards
Unit 22 Key Terms
Ga law requires a 20 year statue ...,
Ga establishes 40 throughout the ...
41  cards
Unit 23 Key Terms
All relationships in which a real...,
Any person or entity issued a bro...,
A written agency contract in whic...
22  cards
3-11-21 Practice Exam
An owner of a lakefront property ...,
A lender may terminate foreclosur...,
The concept known as substitution...
55  cards
Real Estate Math Problems
An office building rents for 600 ...,
A borrower earns 3000 month and m...,
Mary bright bought a home for 120...
19  cards
3-15-21 Real Estate Test
A developer built a structure tha...,
The current value of a property i...,
A building was sold for 260 000 w...
30  cards
Unit 24 Key Terms
When checked as a condition for a...,
Monday friday excluding federal h...,
39  cards
Unit 26 Key Terms
A person acting on behalf of a re...,
Any person who has completed all ...
41  cards
Final Exam Prep Agent
Mrs jones an appraiser is apprais...,
Generally construction onto the p...,
Which method would an appraiser b...
96  cards
Laws & Acts
Has changed how buyers sellers le...,
A federal law that requires certa...,
Also known as the know before you...
11  cards
GA State Related Questions
What has become the legal control...,
Ga also recognizes a second form ...,
In its capacity to administer the...
65  cards
Liens/Types of Liens
A lien is an encumbrance is a,
The party holding the lien is cal...,
The party who has the property en...
41  cards
Taxes 94027 51188 53550 1378 3856...,
Interest rate related to closing ...,
A mortgage lender in georgia make...
5  cards
CompuCram Simulated Exam Questions
What is true about the qualifying...,
If a brokerage firm is set up as ...,
A client who is relocating to atl...
145  cards

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