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Topic 1 - Key Concepts in Biology COMPLETE PK
What does a microscope do,
What part of a microscope do you ...,
Which part of a microscope do you...
191  cards
Topic 2 - Cells and Control COMPLETE PK
In human cells what is a chromosome,
What type of cell division forms ...,
In which stage of the cell cycle ...
77  cards
Topic 3 - Genetics
Which structures are found inside...,
Which substance forms a long stra...,
How do body cells make copies of ...
48  cards
Topic 4 - Natural Selection and Genetic Modification
What is this a definition of a gr...,
What is the scientific name for t...,
From what type of creatures are m...
50  cards
Topic 5 - Health, Disease and the Development of Medicines
Which cell structure is found in ...,
Give one example of a disease tha...,
Give an example of a disease that...
75  cards
Topic 6 - Plant Structures and their Functions COMPLETE PK
In a food chain consumers eat oth...,
What process do plants and algae ...,
In what sub cellular part of a pl...
211  cards
Topic 7 - Animal Coordination, Control and Homeostasis COMPLETE PK
Which cells in the nervous system...,
Sense organs contain receptors ce...,
Which parts of the body cause the...
168  cards
Topic 8 - Exchange and Transport in Animals COMPLETE PK
What do we mean when we talk abou...,
By what process do particles move...,
In diffusion do particles move up...
150  cards
Topic 9 - Ecosystems and Material Cycles COMPLETE PK
Which term describes organisms su...,
Which term describes organisms th...,
Which term describes animals that...
182  cards

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