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Computer Systems
Computer system definition,
Examples of 5 inputs,
Output devices 5
14  cards
Main memory,
Ram significance,
Random access memory
9  cards
Units Of Data + Data Types
Another word for float
14  cards
Operating Systems
4 main components of an os,
Operating system,
Peripheral devices
31  cards
Start -up Sequence
First step,
First step,
Second step
8  cards
Central Processing Unit
Purpose of cpu,
F d e cycle in simple terms,
What computer hardware does the c...
22  cards
Secondary Storage
Secondary storage,
Solid state storage meaning,
Characteristics of ssd
12  cards
A computer network,
Devices may include,
Types of networks
16  cards
Circuit Switching networks
Packet swithcing,
What does the header contain on d...,
Data packets
10  cards
Routers and Switches
8  cards
Networks - Topologies
Star topology pros,
Star topolgy
8  cards
Networks - layers/protocols
How does http work,
23  cards
Images and Sound
Types of image files bitmap,
Types of image files vector,
Bitmap images
41  cards
T1 - Memory/ Secondary storage
Types of primary storage,
Ram stores
37  cards
T1 - Architecture of the CPU/ Performance
Stored program concept,
Von neumann architecture
31  cards
T2 - Characters and Images
Uppercase and lowercase in binary,
When text is encoded and stored u...,
A 7 bit character code like ascii...
24  cards
T2 - Binary + Hex
1 bit,
1 byte,
A nibble
18  cards
T2 - Sound + Compression
Analogue sound signals are which ...,
Digital signals are which type of...,
How sound is digitized d to conve...
28  cards
T3 - LANs and WANs:
Wans use
57  cards
T3 - Wireless networking
Pairing a persistent link is made...
27  cards
T3 - Client server network
Client server model,
A client
36  cards
T3 - Protocols and layers:
29  cards
T4 - Network threats
Prevention methods,
Computer virus
24  cards
T4 - Preventing vulnerabilities:
Penetration testing,
Penetration testing goal,
Anti malware software
16  cards
T4 - Operating systems/ Utility software
Examples of os,
System software software that pro...,
Os manage computer hardware users...
37  cards
T5 - Ethical and environmental issues:
Facial recognition used for police,
Pros they may be at risk of harm ...,
21  cards
T5 - Legislation
Data protection,
Organisations that collect person...,
Data collection sources
41  cards
T6 - Computational Thinking/ Searching/ sorting algorithms
Algorithmic thinking
16  cards
T6 - Flowcharts/Pseudo-code
Sub programs
27  cards
T7 - Programming fundamentals
Data type,
Eg of data types,
Eg of arithmetic operators
30  cards
T7 - Sequence/Selection and Iteration
Three operators used in boolean e...,
3 basic control structures used i...,
25  cards
T7 - Arrays and Subroutines
Arrays data structure that allows...,
To find an array length do,
Arrays and data types stored
24  cards
T7 - Records and files
Data structure,
15  cards
T7 - SQL
12  cards
T8 - Translators and facilities:
Machine code,
Machine code con,
Assembly language use
35  cards
T8 - Logic diagrams/ Truth tables
Boolean operators,
And operation,
Or operation
8  cards
T8 - Defensive design
Data validation use,
Data validation cannot ensure,
Range check
29  cards
T8 - Errors and testing
A syntax error,
How do syntax errors work,
Logical error
16  cards
T8 - IDEs
Ides stands for,
Ide fucntion,
Ide eg
20  cards
T1 - MS
Explain why having a dual core pr...,
Explain how the cache size can af...,
State the purpose of a cpu
16  cards
T2 - MS
Describe how transistors can be u...,
Give two reasons why computer sci...,
Identify how many unique values c...
17  cards
T3 - MS
State two benefits of a lan,
State two ways the local area net...,
Define what is meant by a wide ar...
16  cards
T4 - MS
Describe the threat malware can p...,
Describe the threat a brute force...,
Unauthorised access tocomputerpre...
20  cards
T5 - MS
Daniel is a medical researcher tr...,
Daniel is a medical researcher tr...,
Daniel is a medical researcher tr...
11  cards
T6 - MS
Input sanitisation
14  cards
T8 - MS
Describe the purpose of a truth t...,
Give two ways that the maintainab...,
Two examples of defensive design
13  cards

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