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Computer Systems
What does a computer system do,
List some examples of an input de...,
Where does the processing of inst...
18  cards
Where does the cpu fetch instruct...,
What does the cpu do,
What is the purpose of the cpu
24  cards
Von Neumann Architecture
What is von neumann architecture,
What is von neumann architecture ...,
List 6 things about the von neuma...
10  cards
Fetch-Decode-Execute Cycle
What is the fetch decode execute ...,
Name the 5 registers involved in ...,
What is the fetch operation
7  cards
CPU Performance Factors
What 5 factors affect cpu perform...,
What does a higher clock speed mean,
What is a heat sink
12  cards
Memory Types
What are the 2 types of memory,
What is main memory,
Give 2 example of main memory
25  cards
Secondary Storage
What is secondary storage used for,
What is a secondary storage device,
Give 2 examples of secondary stor...
24  cards
Types of Network
What is a computer network,
Give some examples of network ena...,
What are the 2 types of network
13  cards
Performance of Networks
What is the speed of a network me...,
What does bandwidth mean,
What does contention ratio mean
17  cards
Client Server and Peer to Peer
What are the two main ways to con...,
Where are most files and data sto...,
How do computer connect to a server
12  cards
What is a network interface card nic,
True or false no two mac addresse...,
What jobs does the nic do
34  cards
DNS, IP Address, Web Hosting and the Cloud
What does isp mean,
What is an isp,
Give 3 examples of a isp
39  cards
Virtual Networks
Whats different between a virtual...,
How does a virtual network use so...,
Are virtual networks flexible
9  cards
Network Topologies
What is a network topology,
What are the 2 types of topologies,
What is a star network topology
21  cards
What is a network protocol,
What 6 details should a protocol ...,
What do protocols allow hardware ...
44  cards
Packet Switching
Give an example of a use of circu...,
What does circuit switching enable,
How are circuit switching connect...
21  cards
Network Security
What is cyber security,
What is a cyber attack,
What are 5 reasons to have cyber ...
4  cards
Network Threats
What is malware short for,
What is malware a general term for,
What are the 9 types of malware
29  cards
What is malware short for,
Give 9 examples of malware,
What is a virus
15  cards
Malware Types (Basic Definitions)
What is a virus,
What is worm,
What is trojan
10  cards
What is the order of data sizes f...,
What is a nibble equal to,
What is a byte equal to
16  cards
Preventing Vulnerabilities
What are user access rights,
What are the 3 common access rights,
How does having access rights imp...
29  cards
Operating System
What is an operating system,
Give 3 examples of operating systems,
What 4 things do operating system...
34  cards
Utility Software
What does a utility software have,
Give 4 examples of a security uti...,
Give 2 examples of a performance ...
36  cards
What are the 4 acts,
What does the data protection act...,
What does the dpa require
43  cards
Where is e waste commonly sent,
What is 1 of the main problems su...,
What does sustainability mean
15  cards
Privacy and Technology
What does everyone have,
What are 3 arguments for having n...,
What are 3 arguments against havi...
8  cards
Ethics and Technology
What is ethics,
Who owns the internet,
How are people in less developed ...
8  cards
Open Source and Close Source
What is closed software,
What is a closed source,
What is an advantage of closed so...
23  cards
Defensive Design
What is defensive design,
How do you know that defensive de...,
What is a menu driven user interface
32  cards
What are the 4 reasons why a prog...,
What is the process of maintainab...,
Why are comments useful in code
4  cards
Errors and Corrections
What is debugging,
What is a logic error,
Why can logic errors only be spot...
10  cards
What 2 things does testing ensure,
What is a test plan,
What 5 things does a test plan de...
29  cards
Levels of Language, Translators and IDE
What are the 3 types of language ...,
What are the 2 tools used to writ...,
What is machine code
41  cards
What is the most common form of c...,
What does ascii stand for,
How many characters can be repres...
11  cards
What are the 2 most popular types...,
How does a digital camera work,
What are pixels
31  cards
What does a microphone do,
Once the microphone has converted...,
What are the 2 jobs of a sound card
28  cards
What are the 2 types of compression,
What are 4 main reasons for compr...,
What is the 1st equation for comp...
11  cards

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