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Geography Rivers Sept 2017
Describe the features that are in...,
What is relief,
Describe a river channel in the u...
24  cards
Geography Glaciers Nov 2017
What is a glacier,
What is it called when a glacier ...,
How does accumulation happen
25  cards
Geography Development Gap Jan 2018
What does gni stand for,
What does per capita mean,
What does hdi stand for
23  cards
Geography The Living World May 2018
What are cold environments,
What is the climate like in polar...,
What is the soil like in polar re...
22  cards
Geography Natural Hazards Sept 2018
What is a plate boundary,
What are the three types of plate...,
What happens at a constructive pl...
22  cards
Geography Resource Management Jan 2019
What are resources,
How is the demand for food in the...,
Why does the uk import food
11  cards
Geography Changing UK Economy Mar 2019
Why has the economy of the uk cha...,
What are the causes for the chang...,
What is globalisation
14  cards
Geography The Urban World March 2019
What is urbanisation,
How does urbanisation vary around...,
How is the worlds urban populatio...
15  cards
Geography Fieldwork Sept 2018
What river was visited in switzer...,
What are the three types of sampl...,
What measurements were taken at t...
13  cards
Geography Case Studies
Haiti and christchurch earthquakes,
Somerset level floods,
Typhoon haiyan
12  cards
Chemistry Atom structure & the Periodic table Sept 2017
What is the atomic number,
What number is the mass number,
What does the atomic number tell you
18  cards
Chemistry Bonding, structure and properties of matter Nov 2017
When are separating funnels used,
What is evaporation used for,
What is filtration used for
22  cards
Chemistry Quantitative March 2018
What is the equation of moles,
What does mr stand for,
What is an excess substance
20  cards
Chemistry Chemical Changes March 2018
What is the most reactive metal,
What is the least reactive metal,
What metals do not react with oxygen
23  cards
Chemistry Energy Changes Sept 2018
What is an exothermic reaction,
What is an endothermic reaction,
What is an application of an exot...
18  cards
Chemistry Rates & Equilibrium Nov 2018
What equations are used to calcul...,
What 4 factors effect the rate of...,
What happens when there is a high...
13  cards
Organic Chemistry Nov 2018
What is crude oil,
What are alkanes,
What is a hydrocarbon
22  cards
Chemistry Chemical Analysis March 2019
What is a pure substance examples,
What is a mixture,
What is a formulation
17  cards
Chemisty The Atmosphere March 2019
What are the main gases in the at...,
What gases are likely to have bee...,
Where did oxygen come from
12  cards
Chemistry Using Earth's Resources March 2019
What are the earths resources wha...,
What are finite and renewable res...,
What is sustainable development
30  cards
Chemistry Required Practicals
Soluble salt from an insoluble ox...,
Aqueous solutions are electrolyse...,
Temperature change in reacting so...
8  cards
Biology Cell Biology Sept 2017
What does mrs gren stand for,
What two types of cells is there,
What is a eukaryotic cell
33  cards
Biology Organisation Jan 2018
What is the definition of digestion,
What are the 11 parts of the dige...,
What are the functions of the 11 ...
29  cards
Biology Infection & Response March 2018
What is a communicable disease,
What does infectious describe in ...,
What are the 4 types of communica...
20  cards
Biology Ecology May 2018
What is the definition of population,
What is the definition of community,
What is the definition of competi...
38  cards
Biology Bioenergetics May 2018
What is photosynthesis,
Is photosynthesis endothermic or ...,
What happens in photosynthesis
18  cards
Biology Homeostasis & response Sept 2018
What is the definition of homeost...,
What conditions does your body ne...,
What is the cns
19  cards
Biology Inheritance, Variety and Evolution March 2019
What is asexual and sexual reprod...,
What is binary fission,
What is selective breeding artifi...
23  cards
Biology Required Practicals
Food tests
10  cards
Maths Chapters 1,2 and up to 3.3 Sept 2017
What are the three steps to calcu...,
What is a surd,
How do you find a factorial on a ...
4  cards
Maths Chapters 3.5,3.6,4,5 Nov 2017
What is the sum of all exterior a...,
Alternate angles are,
What equation do you use to find ...
15  cards
Maths Chapters 6 & 7 March 2018
What is the equation for linear g...,
What does the m stand for in y m ...,
How can you tell if two lines are...
17  cards
FT Food, Nutrition & Health Sept 2017
What do hbv and lbv stand for wha...,
What are the 2 types of fat,
What are the 2 types of vitamins
46  cards
Physics Energy Sept 2017
What are the 8 energy stores,
What are the 4 energy pathways,
What is the equation for kinetic ...
14  cards
Physics Electricity Jan 2018
What is resistance,
What happens when there is a low ...,
What equation do you use for resi...
30  cards
Physics Particle Model March 2018
Pressure is directly proportion t...,
Pressure is inversely proportiona...,
Particles of gas dont lose when c...
22  cards
Physics Atomic Structure July 2018
What are found in atoms,
What are the charges of protons n...,
What are the masses of protons ne...
24  cards
Physics Forces Nov 2018
What are the average speeds you n...,
What is the equation for average ...,
How do you calculate speed from a...
32  cards
Physics Waves March 2019
What are the two types of waves,
What happens in longitudinal waves,
What happens in transverse waves
31  cards
Physics Magnetism March 2019
What materials are magnetic,
What are the basic facts about ma...,
How do you plot magnetic field pa...
22  cards
Physics Space March 2019
What is the universe made out of,
When was the solar system formed,
What are the 8 planets and the dw...
24  cards
Physics Required Practicals
Resistance v length of a wire ext...,
I v characteristics filament bulb...,
Specific heat capacity
11  cards
Much Ado About Nothing
Character leonato,
Theme appearance vs reality,
Character claudio
12  cards
History Boys
Character hector,
Theme purpose of education,
Character irwin
13  cards
Silas Marner
Character silas marner,
Theme faith,
Character godfrey cass
16  cards
English Poems
The manhunt simon armitage,
Sonnet 43 elizabeth barrett browning,
The soldier rupert brooke
16  cards
Spanish tenses
What are the tenses you need to know,
What are the endings for the pres...,
What are the endings for the futu...
10  cards
Spanish Verbs
Ar verbs,
Er verbs,
Ir verbs
3  cards

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