gcse geography case studies

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Population Decline Japan
Pro natalyst policies,
Percentage of population of over 65,
Stage on dtm
13  cards
River Dijle
Source of river,
Population of leuven,
Causes of the hazard
12  cards
Overpopulation Bangladesh
Overpopulation definition,
Population density of bangladesh,
Causes of overpopulation
8  cards
Inner City Brussels (not needed)
Issues in molenbeek,
Changes in molenbeek,
Percentage of belgium that is urb...
5  cards
Underpopulation Australia
Underpopulation definition,
Population of australia,
Causes of underpopulation
6  cards
Densely Populated Area Niger Delta
Densely populated definition,
Location of niger delta,
Population density
10  cards
Sparsely Populated Area Western Australia
Sparsely populated definition,
Average population density,
How many european countries can f...
7  cards
Tourism Iceland
Tourism definition,
How many tourists were there in 2008,
How many tourists were there in 2018
19  cards
International Migration India To Qatar
International migration definition,
Population of india,
Population of qatar
10  cards
Population Change Nigeria
Population change definition,
Population in nigeria,
Growth rate
13  cards
Industrial location IMEC
When was imec established,
How many industry leaders does im...
9  cards
In how many countries does shell ...,
How many people does shell employ,
Number of barels produced in 2020
14  cards
Internal migration lagos(not needed)
Urban growth,
Pull factors to go to lagos
5  cards
Coral reefs
Coral reefs,
Formation of coral reefs,
Conditions required for development
12  cards
Characteristics of mangroves,
Mangrove swamps,
18  cards
How river valley changes downstream
Uppercourse processes and landforms,
Middle course processes and landf...,
4  cards
Lyme Regis
Location of lyme regis,
Oportunities of lyme regis,
How much did visitors spend in 2017
19  cards
Water supply China
Percentage of worlds freshwater i...,
Se of china,
North of china
16  cards
UK energy mix
Fossil fuels,
Why did uk not go ahead with frac...,
Why is gas supply insecure
11  cards
Environmental risks China
Enviromental risks,
Water pollution,
17  cards
Enhanced greenhouse effect
Enhanced greenhouse effect defini...,
Causes of enhanced greenhouse effect,
Impact of enhabced greenhouse effect
3  cards
Amazon Rainforest
Facts about amazonia,
Importance of amazonia,
Regulate the composition of the a...
11  cards
Weather mojave desert
Causes of desert climate,
12  cards
Amazon Rainforest deforestation
Biggest driver of deforestation,
Number of hectares lost from 2002...
15  cards

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