igcse geography case studies

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cLouD bOis
High clouds base height range com...,
Medium clouds base height range c...,
Low clouds base height range comp...
13  cards
Rivers Case Study
Bangladesh location,
Bangladesh geography rivers possi...,
Reasons for living in floodplains
16  cards
Coasts Case Study
Opp job options,
Opp weather,
Opp environment
13  cards
Migration: Mexico - USA CS
Push factors,
Pull factors
7  cards
Nike Case Study
Where nike manufactured in 1970s,
Where manufacturing changed to an...,
Why it is globalisation
7  cards
E15 Case Study
Why it erupted and location,
What happened,
Imp social
7  cards
Hi Tech Industry Case Study
What is high tech industry,
What is silicon valley,
12  cards
Singapore Water Supply Case Study
Water use distribution,
Explaining distribution,
Water supply issue
10  cards
Haiti Case Study
Haiti location and capital,
Details of quake,
Imp economic
9  cards
China OCP the joyride whoopee lets go
Conditions of ocp,
6  cards
Uganda - Youthful Pop/ High rate of pop growth
Fertility rate 2018,
Population in 2018,
8  cards
Japan - Ageing Pop/ High dependent pop/ Low natural increase
Fertility rate,
Japanese that are 60,
8  cards
Underpopulated - Australia
Population in comparison to landmass,
Benefits of underpopulation,
4  cards
Overpopulation - China extension
Problems of overpopulation,
2  cards
Sparsely Populated - USA/ Canada
Where sparsely pop area found,
5  cards
Hot Desert - Mojave
How it was created,
14  cards
Agricultural system - fair oak
Land area,
Type of farm
14  cards
Agricultural system - Tra Que
Types of farm crops,
Farm organisation methods
11  cards
Urban area & rapid migration to it - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Location pop,
Push factors,
Pull factors
5  cards
Urban area - Singapore (Land use change, traffic and housing)
Tiong bahru info,
Advantages tb,
Da tb
14  cards
Tropical Rainforest - Borneo
Cau logging,
Cau land conversion
17  cards
Shanty - Dharavi
What life is like,
Why people move
15  cards
CS figures to remember
Percentage of workers with resp i...,
Number of countries nike has fact...,
Number of jobs provided by nike i...
88  cards

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