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Germany 1: 1890-1918
Who ruled germany between 1890 an...,
When did several independent stat...,
Why was prussia so powerful in ge...
23  cards
Germany 2: Weimar
When were the first free election...,
What was the constitution,
The president was elected every
44  cards
Germany 3: Rise to Power
Who were the ss and how did they ...,
What is censorship,
What was the hitler youth and how...
21  cards
Germany 4: Life in Nazi Germany
How was the church controlled by ...,
Kinder kuche kirche stood for,
When women gave up their jobs the...
28  cards
Weimar Germany
What were the names of the 4 upri...,
What is the stab in the back myth,
What was the spartacist rebellion
50  cards
Hitler's Germany Rise to Power
How did the nazis gain control of...,
Who were the ss and how did they ...,
How did the gestapo control the g...
25  cards
Paper 2 Hitler's Germany Dictatorship
How was the church controlled by ...,
Kinder kuche kirche stood for,
When women gave up their jobs the...
24  cards
Paper 1 (1.3) Hitler's Foreign Policy
Name hitlers 4 foreign policy aims,
Who was the british cartoonist wh...,
When did hitler withdraw germany ...
47  cards
Medieval Medicine
Who would you go to if you were ill,
Barber surgeons,
Wise women men
18  cards
Edward Jenner
How the vaccine came about, reactions to the vaccine, and government action.
9  cards
Medicine 1800-1900
A Revolution in medicine
85  cards
Main Battles in WW1
The somme date,
The somme aims,
The somme preparation
28  cards
War at Sea ww1
Main dates in 1914,
Main dates in 1915,
Main dates in 1916
12  cards
Modern Medicine
How did alexander flemming discov...,
Why didnt many people hear of his...,
Who began to research penicillin ...
36  cards
Elizabethan England: government and politics
When was elizabeth born,
What happened in 1536,
What was elizabeths early life like
33  cards
Elizabethan England: life in Elizabethan times
Explain the great chain of being,
Explain the rise of the gentry,
What were the sumptuary laws
34  cards
Elizabethan England: troubles home and abroad
Puritan ideology,
What was the aim of the religious...,
Act of supremacy
54  cards
Elizabethan England: Spanish Armada
Religious reasons for conflict,
How the,
How the french civil war caused c...
10  cards

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