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Impact of WW1
Who did germany go to war with in...,
When did germany sign the armistice,
What did the armistice do
28  cards
Weimar Germany
What does kaiser mean,
What is the reichstag,
Article 48
51  cards
Weimar Recovery
In which year was weimar germany ...,
What caused economic and social c...,
In which time period was weimar i...
28  cards
Hitler in to power
When did hitler become chancellor,
When did hitler become fuhrer,
When did hitler convince hindenbu...
30  cards
Nazi economic, social and racial policy
What was hitler s aim regarding e...,
Example of the public works that ...
62  cards
Terror and persuasion
After the demise of the sa what w...,
Who led the ss
26  cards
Hitlers Forgien Policy
What were hitler s 3 foreign poli...,
How many men were in the army by ...,
26  cards
0  cards
Elizabeths GOVt
When was elizabeth s coronation,
What happend at her coronation,
What problems came with her reign 4
35  cards
lifestyles of rich and poor
How were houses built from a bird...,
What would rich elizabethans wear,
Sumptuary laws
24  cards
Elizabeth religion
We re catholics,
When did eliz come to the throne,
What did mary make the official r...
36  cards
increase in poverty explanations
Rising population,
By how much did elizabethan popul...,
7  cards
religious threat ELIZ
How many times did the catholics ...,
Why did catholics challenge eliz,
Why did puritans threat eliz
24  cards
spanish armada eliz
Why did king phillip ii invade spain,
What did dutch protestants do in ...,
How did phillip respond to the du...
21  cards
popular entertainment elizabeth
Example of cruel sport 3,
Rich entertainment,
Entertainment for all classes
18  cards
0  cards
Economic downturn and recovery (1929-1945)
When was the wall street crash,
What did the wall street crash cause,
Was there a welfare state during ...
44  cards
Economic impact of WW2 and post war developments
Why did industrial output increase,
What controlled the war economy,
How much worth of weapons and sup...
41  cards
Political change 1960-2000
New frontier,
Why was there lots of oppostion i...,
What did congress think of kennedy
41  cards
Civil Rigbts 1941-1970
Were the us armed forces segregat...,
How many black americans were ser...,
At the beginning of lww2 what rol...
34  cards
Social Change 1950-2000
Why did parents and teachers disl...,
What did bob dylan sing about,
Why did parents dislike rock and ...
38  cards
Cold War 1945-1973
When was the cuban missile crisis,
When was the cuban revolution,
General batista
42  cards
Search for world peace
4 reasons for detente,
Who repaired relations w communis...
44  cards
0  cards
Causes of Crime
What is a crime,
What is blasphemy,
When was blasphemy first criminal...
54  cards
Nature of Crimes
3 types of crime against,
Common crimes in the medieval era,
Forest laws
34  cards
Enforcing Law and Order
How many men were in one tithing,
When were tithings used
37  cards
Methods of Combatting Crime
What was each tithing led by,
How was crime combatted in the me...,
Role of the jp in the tudor age
41  cards
Attitudes to punishment
What was the purpose of punishmen...,
Purpose of punishment in the earl...,
How were prisons used in the earl...
29  cards
Methods of Punishment
What was the purpose if punishmen...,
Who would a person be judged by i...,
What were the ordeals in the medi...
67  cards
Lincoln Prison
When was lincoln castle used as a...,
What were the two places in the l...,
What type of prisoners were kept ...
40  cards

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