gcse philosophy and ethics

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Define abortion,
Give 3 verses from the bible that...,
Describe what christians think ab...
10  cards
Define what euthanasia is,
What 2 things has the catholic ch...,
A explain why christians are oppo...
6  cards
Fertility Treatment
What are the two main types of fe...,
True or false in the uk it is ill...,
True or false in the uk it is ill...
6  cards
Animal Rights
Define what is meant by the term ...,
Give 3 points about christian bel...,
What does genesis 1 27 tell chris...
6  cards
Love and Friendship
In english we only have one word ...,
What can jesus relationships with...,
Name two friends that betrayed jesus
11  cards
Human Relationships: Sex
Define what is meant by the term ...,
Give 2 bible verses that quote ag...,
Give a bible verse that quotes ag...
14  cards
Sanctity of Life
Define what is meant by sanctity ...,
A why do christians believe human...
2  cards
Human Relationships: Marriage
True or false christians believe ...,
True or false marriage is intende...,
Explain what a sacrament is
10  cards
Human Relationships: Divorce
What three verses in the bible te...,
What does matthew 19 9 teach chri...,
What does mark 10 9 teach christi...
8  cards
Human Relationships: Family Life
What do christians think about me...,
Where in the bible does is say th...
2  cards
Poverty and Wealth
Define poverty,
True or false poverty is relative...,
What is meant by the phrase pover...
6  cards
Define the term omnibenevolent us...,
Define the term eternal used to d...,
Define the term omnipresent used ...
29  cards
How might an atheist view religio...,
How might an atheist view religio...,
What do you think the difference ...
6  cards
The Soul
Define briefly what the soul is,
Define what the resurrection of t...,
What does eternal mean
12  cards
Judgement, Repentance and Forgiveness
Define the term repent repentance,
Where can the parable of the shee...,
In the parable of the sheep and t...
6  cards
At a typical christian funeral wh...,
When a coffin is buried in a grav...,
When a coffin is cremated burned ...
8  cards
Religion, Peace and Justice
What is a just war,
Who created the just war theory,
How did thomas aquinas define a j...
9  cards

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gcse philosophy and ethics

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