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Unit 1 Key Words
58  cards
Unit 8 Key Words
53  cards
Arguments FOR God’s Existence
Features of religious upbringing,
How would religious upbringing su...,
Religious experiences numunous
8  cards
Arguments AGAINST God’s Existence
Scientific explanations of the world,
Christian response to science,
Unanswered prayers
6  cards
The Media
Bruce almighty summary,
How does bruce almighty supports ...,
How does bruce almighty support t...
6  cards
Life after Death
Why christians believe in life af...,
How these beliefs affect christians,
Non religious reasons for believi...
4  cards
The abortion law,
Non religious arguments in favour,
Non religious arguments against
4  cards
Non religious arguments for eutha...,
Non religious arguments against e...,
Christian teachings wrong but do ...
5  cards
Life and Death in the Media
Media should not criticise religi...,
Media should be allowed to critic...
2  cards
Changing attitudes to marriage, divorce, family life, homosexuality, and contraception
How have attitudes to marriage ch...,
Reasons for the changes cohabitat...,
Reasons for the changes divorce
16  cards
How have attitudes to women changed,
Why have attitudes have changed,
Catholic attitudes
5  cards
Multi-ethnic society
What are the benefits of a multi ...,
Problems of discrimination and ra...,
Effects of discrimination and racism
3  cards
Community Cohesion
How the government promotes commu...,
Why is community cohesion important,
How do christians promote racial ...
3  cards
The UK as a multi faith society
Statistics on different ethnic gr...,
Benefits of living in a multi fai...,
Issues for religion in a multi fa...
6  cards
The Media
The vicar of dibley summary issue,
Why is this an important issue,
Fair to religious beliefs people
4  cards
Making moral decision.
Some christians use only the bibl...,
The church explains the bible for...,
Why do christians use conscience ...
8  cards
Human right in the UK, Democratic and electoral processes
Example of rights,
Why are human rights important to...,
Can cause problems for christians...
4  cards
Nature of Genetic Engineering and Cloning
Non religious arguments for,
Non religious arguments against,
Liberal protestants like it if it...
5  cards
Cause of global warming greenhous...,
Cause of global warming natural c...,
Cause of global warming solar act...
10  cards
Christian teachings on stewardship,
How beliefs on stewardship affect...
2  cards
Nature and importance of medical treatments for infertility
Why are infertility treatments ar...,
Attitudes to infertility treatmen...,
Attitudes to infertility treatmen...
3  cards
Nature and importance of transplant surgery
Two main types of organ transplant,
Why is transplant surgery important,
Most christians agree but object ...
5  cards
The United Nations and World Peace
Why is the un important for world...,
Uns work for peace kosovo,
How the un dealt with the situation
3  cards
War and Peace
Why wars occur due to religion,
Why wars occur due to nationalism,
Why wars occur due to economics
8  cards
Bullying + Religious conflict
They are all against bullying bec...,
Children no longer want to be par...,
Children want to marry outside of...
5  cards
Forgiveness and Reconciliation
Christians believe in this because
1  cards
Need for Law and Justice
Why are laws needed,
St aquinas said an unjust law is ...
2  cards
Theories of Punishment
4  cards
Christian Attitudes to Justice
Believe in justice because
1  cards
Capital Punishment
Non religious arguments in favour,
Non religious arguments against
2  cards
Christian Attitudes to Capital Punishment
Against it because,
Some see it as a good way to keep...
2  cards
Drugs, tobacco and alcohol
Uk laws on tobacco,
Uk laws on alcohol,
Health problems caused by tobacco
8  cards
Christian attitudes to drugs and alcohol
All against illegal drugs because,
Attitudes to legal drugs ok if us...,
Attitudes to legal drugs some pra...
3  cards
Christian Moral Duties and Responsibilities
The golden rule,
Parable of the sheep and the goats,
Am i my brother s keeper
3  cards

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