gcse wjec geography (paper 2)

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Evidence of climate change
What are 4 ways we can prove that...,
What do tree rings show,
What do ice cores show
6  cards
What factors create variations in weather and climate at different scales within the UK
Name the main 4 factors that caus...,
How does the temperature differ e...,
What is the latitude of cardiff
5  cards
How can ecosystems be managed sustainably
Name way an ecosystem can be mana...,
Pros of fertilisers,
Cons of fertilisers
8  cards
causes of uneven development
Poorer nations,
Richer nations,
Multi nationalcompanies
4  cards
consequences of uneven development
Why do richer countries have lowe...,
What kind of countries have highe...,
What are the main consequences of...
4  cards
how and why is the demand for water changing
We cannot drink____of earths water,
Why is water consumption increasi...,
What does a rising population cau...
4  cards
causes and consequences of regional patterns of economic development in the UK
What is the north south divide in...,
What happened in the north part o...,
What happens in the south
5  cards
how can regional inequalities be reduced
What are regional inequalities in...,
How is the government reducing in...,
What is the northern powerhouse for
10  cards
How is social development measured
Name 4 indicators of social devel...,
What causes life expectancy to di...,
Name some factors that can improv...
7  cards
What are the health and care issues in sub-Saharan Africa(SSA)?
Why are healthcare services so ba...,
Health is a major issue for ssa b...,
Why is malaria such an issue in m...
5  cards
What challenges face social development in SSA and South Asia
How can people be protected from hiv,
How can people be protected from ...,
What is uneven social development...
3  cards

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gcse wjec geography (paper 2)

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