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Lab Exam II (Complete)
Serratus anterior,
Infraspinous fossa,
105  cards
Chapter 6 Vocabulary
Small flat irregularly shaped bon...,
Bones which have a complex shape,
Small and boxy bones with approxi...
25  cards
Unit II Vocabulary
An immovable joint,
A slightly moveable joint,
A freely moveable joint
57  cards
Chapter 12 Vocabulary
A cell in neural tissue that is s...,
Have functions essential to the s...,
Consists of the brain and spinal ...
21  cards
Chapter 13 Vocabulary
Contain the cell bodies of sensor...,
Brings sensory information into t...,
Contains the axons of motor neuro...
23  cards
Chapter 14 - Parts Of The Brain
Plays a role in regulating heart ...,
Consists of the left and right th...,
Processing of visual and auditory...
17  cards
Chapter 18 - Vocabulary
In women stimulates smooth muscle...,
Released by the anterior pituitar...,
Released by the thyroid it affect...
26  cards
Chapter 20 - Vocabulary
The period of relaxation and repo...,
Return blood to the heart,
The amount of blood pumped by the...
21  cards
Chapter 21 & 22 - Vocabulary
Your body s ability to adapt and ...,
Capillary in which the endotheliu...,
The process by which arterial smo...
43  cards
Chapter 25 - Vocabulary
20  cards
Chapter 26 Vocabulary
17  cards
Chapter 28 - Vocabulary
17  cards
Lab Exam III
2 what is the name of this cavity,
95  cards
Lab Exam IV
70  cards
Chapter 23 & 24 - Vocabulary
The involuntary constriction and ...,
States that in a mixture of non r...,
Normal good unlabored breathing s...
35  cards
Lab Exam V
107  cards

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