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Intro to A&P
How many levels of biological org...
43  cards
Directional Terms
12  cards
Body Planes
Transverse plane,
Frontal coronal plane,
Sagittal plane
5  cards
What are the 4 tissue types,
Epithelial tissues,
Which tissue type has an apical a...
72  cards
Cell Biology
What is the basic unit of matter,
Atoms are made up of,
Where are electrons found
110  cards
Integument system
What type of membrane is the skin,
What are the 2 layers of the skin,
What are the 5 functions of the i...
63  cards
The skeletal system
What are the 3 specific tissue ty...,
What are 5 functions of the skele...,
What mineral is stored in the bones
63  cards
What is a joint articulation,
What 2 ways are joints classified,
What are the 3 functional classif...
44  cards
Skeletal Muscle tissue
What are 4 functions of skeletal ...,
What are 5 characteristics of mus...,
103  cards
Muscle Contration
What is the first step of the mus...,
Once the nerve impulse arrives at...,
Once ach is released from the syn...
16  cards
Nervous system
What is the main function of the ...,
What 3 things does the communicat...,
What are the 2 major structural d...
110  cards
Parts of a neuron
What contains the nucleus and tra...,
What receives input and transfers...,
What is the triangular region of ...
9  cards
Nervous system pt.2
The cns communicates with periphe...,
Pathways can either be _____ or ___,
Sensory pathways are also called
66  cards
Endocrine system
Endocrine glands produce,
Endocrine gland s hormones are re...,
Exocrine glands produce
127  cards
Cardiovascular system- blood
What is the blood volume in the body,
Blood s viscosity is ______ thick...,
Blood s viscosity increases when
87  cards
Cardiovascular system- heart
The heart lies within the,
The heart is enclosed within the,
The inferior conical end of the h...
68  cards
Cardiovascular system- blood vessels/blood pressure
What are the 3 types of blood ves...,
Transport blood away from the heart,
Transport blood toward the heart
60  cards
Lymphatic system
Lymphatic system houses,
Body s ability to detect and comb...,
The lymphatic system aids the car...
41  cards
Respiratory system
Respiration is gas exchange of wh...,
Cells need ______ for areobic atp...,
The respiratory system consists o...
132  cards
Respiratory Volumes, Capacities, and Rates
What are the 4 respiratory volumes,
Amount of air inhaled exhaled in ...,
Amount of air inhaled after norma...
18  cards
Digestive system
What are the 6 main functions of ...,
Taking nutrients into the body,
Voluntary and involuntary movemen...
131  cards
Urinary system
What are the 6 functions of the u...,
What are the 4 main components of...,
Kidneys filter ______ and produce...
81  cards
Reproductive system
What are 2 functions of the repro...,
Both male and female reproductive...,
The release of what hormone from ...
91  cards

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