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Module 1 Psychological science
Psyche is a greek word meaning,
Scientific hypothesis are _______...,
Animal experimental proposals are...
47  cards
Module 2 Biopsychology
Evolutionary psychologists study ...,
The field of epigenetics studies ...,
Some genes are vital to our survi...
42  cards
Module 3 Developmental psychology
Inherited genetic characteristics...,
Psychologists use the word nature...,
What does nurture refer to in the...
44  cards
Module 4 Sensation and perception
How often must a stimulus be dete...,
There are two types of sensory re...,
Sensory receptors are specialized...
39  cards
Module 5 Learning
John b watson is referred to as t...,
A stimulus that does not initiall...,
In watson and rayner s experiment...
48  cards
Module 6 Cognition, Language, and Intelligence
An event schema is also known as ...,
Schemas are essential tools that ...,
A flag is a n ____ and liberty is...
40  cards
Module 7 Motivation and Emotion
William mcdougall believed that a...,
A paycheck would be considered ex...,
According to carol dweck a person...
32  cards
Module 8 Consciousness
Which is the state of awareness o...,
Tuan is aware of his feelings emo...,
Bubbles of experience is a phrase...
38  cards
Module 9 Stress and Health
Problem focused coping draws on c...,
Perceived control is the extent t...,
What is the difference between eu...
24  cards
Module 10 Personality
A person s personality can develo...,
Personality can develop based on ...,
Which version of the mmpi is most...
40  cards
Module 11 Social psychology
Making internal attributions for ...,
A persons knowledge about the seq...,
A n _____ is a set of group expec...
40  cards
Module 12 Psychopathy
A diathesis should always be assu...,
Drug use is highly comorbid with ...,
A doctor believes one of the main...
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