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Molecular Genetics
Organization of dna,
Mitochondrial dna,
Dna structure
37  cards
Mitosis and Meiosis
Homologous chromosomes
24  cards
Inheritance Patterns & Factors That Complicate Them
Autosomal recessive,
Autosomal dominant,
X linked recessive
20  cards
Hardy-Weinberg Calculations
Hardy weinberg law,
Allele frequencies 2 3 and 4 alleles,
Genotype frequencies 2 3 and 4 al...
11  cards
Bayesian Analysis
When to use bayesian,
Bayesian set up,
6  cards
Consanguinity Risks and Calculations
Coefficient of relatedness r,
Coefficient of inbreeding f,
First cousin mating risk
4  cards
Biochemical/Metabolic Genetics
Newborn screening,
Inborn errors of metabolism,
Errors of protein metabolism di
60  cards
Mitochondrial Genetics
What are mitochondria,
Mitochondrial dna,
Heteroplasmy vs homoplasmy
13  cards
History of cytogenetics,
Number of genes in a chromosome,
Number of genes in a metaphase band
75  cards
Prenatal Genetics
Gestational age,
Fertilization age,
1st trimester
178  cards
Potter sequence
129  cards
Pediatric Genetics
Common referrals,
Key components of dysmorphology e...
71  cards
Cancer Genetics
Six features of cancer cells,
T 8 14 q24 q22,
T 9 22
130  cards
Types of neurodegenerative disorders,
Polyglutamine cag repeat disorders
15  cards
Cardiovascular Genetics
Electrical function of heart,
Anatomy of action potential
32  cards
Genetic Testing Technologies
Uses of genetic tests,
Diagnostic confirmatory test,
Predictive test
52  cards
C487a g pn163d,
C7714 2a g ivs11 2a g,
C721c t pr241 or parg241ter or pr...
13  cards
Genetics Research
Medical genetic research,
Public health genomics research,
48  cards
Roe v wade,
Planned parenthood v casey,
Trap laws
58  cards
Genetic Counseling Practice
History of genetic counseling,
Sheldon reeds 3 requirements of g...,
Case preparation
107  cards
Psychiatric Genetics
Diagnostic and statistical manual...,
Bipolar disorder
23  cards
Personalized medicine,
Genomic medicine,
Effects of genetic variation
19  cards

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