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Chapter 1 Practice Problems
G c and a t base pairing in dna t...,
Subunit of the dna macromolecule,
Dna protein structures that conta...
27  cards
Chapter 2 Practice Problems
Observable characteristics,
Alternate forms of a gene,
Alleles of a gene separate into g...
30  cards
Chapter 3 Practice Problems
The alleles of one gene mask the ...,
Gene whose alleles alter phenotyp...,
A genotype that is lethal in some...
26  cards
Chapter 4 Practice Problems
One diploid cell gives rise to fo...,
Haploid germ cells that unite at ...,
The array of chromosomes in a giv...
33  cards
Chapter 5 Practice Problems
A drosophila male from a true bre...,
The punnett square shows how mend...,
In mice the dominant all gs of th...
10  cards
Chapter 6 Practice Problems
If 30 of the bases in human dna a...,
Which of the following statements...,
Imagine you have three test tubes...
10  cards
Chapter 7 Practice Problems
An a t base pair wild type gene i...,
An a t base pair changed to a t a...,
The sequence aagcttatcg is change...
20  cards
Chapter 8 Practice Problems
Existences of an intermediate mes...,
The genetic code is nonoverlapping,
The codon is more than one nucleo...
42  cards
Chapter 9 Practice Problems
A short dna fragment that can be ...,
A dna molecule used for transport...,
Short single stranded sequences f...
22  cards
Chapter 10 Practice Problems
Genomic dna sequences containing ...,
Recently evolved from intergenic ...,
Gene poor region of the genome
19  cards
Lecture 8 Notes
Molecular mechanism of recombination,
Gene conversion from recombination,
24  cards
Lecture 9 Notes
Genes are on chromosomes,
Can recombination occur within a ...,
Lytic lifestyle of t4 phage
8  cards
Lecture 10 notes
How is genetic code deciphered,
Dna and rna notation,
9  cards
Lecture 11 notes
How are codons read,
Transfer rna,
Aminoacyl trna synthetastes
19  cards
Lecture 12 Notes
Recombinant dna,
Restriction enzymes,
Gel electrophoresis
9  cards
Lecture 13 Notes
Oligonucleotide primer 20 nucleot...,
Next gen sequencing,
Human genome project
6  cards
Lecture 14 Notes
Goals of interpreting genome sequ...,
Computational approach to find an...,
What does a long orf indicate
7  cards
Chapter 11 Practice Problems
Dna element composed of short tan...,
Arrangement of alleles of two lin...,
Allows identification of a gamete...
17  cards
Chapter 13 Problems
Exact exchange of parts of two no...,
Mosaic combination of male and fe...,
Including the centromere
13  cards
Chapter 14 Problems
Transfer of naked dna,
Transfer of dna requiring direct ...,
Transfer of dna between bacteria ...
14  cards
Chapter 15 Practice Problems
A cell with a mixture of differen...,
Cell with mtdnas or cpdnas with d...,
Transmission of genes through mat...
15  cards
Chapter 16 Practice Problems
The promoter of an operon is the ...,
You have isolated a protein that ...,
You have isolated two different m...
8  cards
Chapter 17 Practice Problems
Bind to promotors,
Bind to enhancers,
Site of dna methylation
21  cards
Chapter 18 Practice Problems
Gene transferred by a scientist i...,
Method of dna transfer used for m...,
Vector for making conditional kno...
14  cards
Chapter 19 Practice Problems
Signals a cell to leave g0 and en...,
Mutations in these genes are rece...,
Cell cycle enzymes that phosphory...
15  cards

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