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What is chromotography,
What is the stationary phase of c...,
What is the mobile phase of chrom...
14  cards
Prokaryote Gene Expression And Regulation
What genetic material is found in...,
What does dna of prokaryotes is n...,
What do prokaryotes not contain
16  cards
Eukaryotic Gene Expression And Regulation
Eukaryotes have a wide range of m...,
Why is gene expression tightly co...,
That is an enhancer used in long ...
21  cards
Mendelian Genetics
What are 2 nuclear divisions,
How many times does meiosis cause...,
What is a possible meiotic error
4  cards
Bacterial Plasmids
Why does prokaryotic dna not have...,
Why do plasmids often carry genes,
What size are plasmids
27  cards
restricted enzymes
Name 4 functions of reaction enzymes,
The term of dna cloning is used i...,
When isolating a gene of interest...
4  cards
Reverse transcription lecture
Why is mrna important in reverse ...,
What is a cdna,
What is the function of cdna
27  cards
Next Generation Sequencing/transcriptions
What is transcriptomics,
What is the definition of transcr...,
How is information of the content...
7  cards
Cell Cycle
Describe a cell cycle,
Most basic function of cell cycles,
How many phases does the eukaryot...
29  cards
Multicellular organisms have two ...,
Alterations of dna nucleotide seq...,
Transitions definition
24  cards
DNA repair mechanisms
Types of dna damage 5,
Outline some single base alterations,
Outline two two base alterations
30  cards
Homoplasmy and heteroplasmy
What are homoplasmic cells,
What are heteroplasmic cells,
What is nuclear mitochondrial dna
7  cards
3 examples of data driven biology,
3 examples of molecular medicine ...,
What are pharmacogens
8  cards
Model Organisms
How to process reverse genetics,
What is the starting and ending p...,
How does forward genetics study g...
10  cards
Population Genetics I
What is a genetic cause of phenot...,
What is an environmental influenc...,
What is heritability
12  cards
Population Genetics II
Outline darwin s 4 observations o...,
What are two major components fou...,
What is evolution
3  cards
Human Genome I
Define known genes,
Define novel genes,
What is special about human proteins
26  cards
Human Genome II
What are the two jobs that dna has,
Every organism has,
What does a genome contain
23  cards
charles Darwin Selection
What are 3 conditions needed for ...,
Outline 3 types of selection,
When does stabilising selection o...
5  cards
Cell Cycle SAQ
What is cell cycle,
What are the 4 different stages o...,
What is the job of the g1 phase a...
5  cards
Base Exercision Repair
What is the job of ber,
Outline the 5 steps,
Describe what happens in the exer...
7  cards
Cloning Of Dna Using Restricted Enzyme
Outline the 5 steps required for ...,
Describe preparation of vector dna,
Describe preparation for dna to b...
6  cards

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