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Bentzen 1 - History of DNA and Structure
Lost all cards up to chargraff s ...,
Who proposed a dna helix of const...
2  cards
Bentzen 2 - DNA Structure
What type of bonds link nucleotid...,
What is the secondary structure o...,
What are the two alternating comp...
18  cards
Bentzen 3 - DNA Replication
What are the three proposed metho...,
Describe the meselson and stahl e...,
How were the conservative and dis...
29  cards
Bentzen 4 - Molecular Basis of Recombination
What is homologous recombination ...,
What is the holliday of homologou...,
What is the resolution of the hol...
18  cards
Bentzen 5 - Transcription
What are the two genetic processe...,
What is the difference between ge...,
What types of rna do eukaryotes a...
56  cards
Bentzen 6 - RNA molecules and mRNA processing (part 1)
What is crick s 1958 proposition ...,
What four discoveries led to the ...,
Introns are spliced from _____ to...
30  cards
Bentzen 7 - RNA molecules and mRNA processing part 2
What is a summary of transcriptio...,
How are genes organized in bacteria,
Is mrna polycistronic or monocist...
26  cards
Bentzen 8 - The Genetic Code
Why is the nucleotide sequence in...,
What did marshall nirenberg and p...,
How many codons are there
27  cards
Benzten 9 - Translation
What is translation,
What direction is the mrna read i...,
Which terminus of the growing pol...
51  cards
Bentzen 10 - Chromosome Variations
What are chromosome variations mu...,
What are two general types of chr...,
How many autosomes do humans have
44  cards
Bentzen 11 - Chromosome Variations II
What is aneuploidy,
What is polyploidy,
What are the four most common typ...
21  cards
Wright 1 - Electrophoresis
What is the positive electrode ca...,
What is the negative electrode ca...,
Dna moves in what direction in el...
17  cards
Wright 2 - Southern Blot and Hybridization
What is the purpose of the southe...,
When is the southern blot and hyb...,
What must be done to dna before i...
13  cards
Wright 3 - Recombinant Technology
What bond to restriction endonucl...,
What enzyme can be used to covale...,
What does a cloning vector do
11  cards
Wright 4 - Cloning Genes and their mRNA transcripts
What are two methods to identify ...,
What are the 6 steps of cloning b...,
What type of cloning requires a m...
10  cards
Wright 5 - DNA Sequencing and PCR
What are the minimum requirements...,
What are two strategies for dna s...,
What type of bond does dna polyme...
11  cards
Wright 6 - Prokaryotic Gene Regulation
What is a gene,
How can the sequence of a bacteri...,
How can analyzing mutant with enh...
17  cards
Wright 7 - Four Regulatory Systems for Control of Prokaryotic Operons
How did jacob and monod determine...,
Where does the repressor protein ...,
What is the phenotype of an e col...
18  cards
Wright 8 - Catabolite Operons and Regulatory Proteins
What happens to lactose metabolis...,
For these four carbon sources whe...,
For these four carbon sources whi...
8  cards
Wright 9 - Eukaryotic Gene Regulation
What does rna polymerase i transc...,
What does rna polymerase ii trans...,
What does rna polymerase iii tran...
6  cards
Wright 10 - Eukaryotic Gene Regulation and Chromatin Conformation
What are the two components of ch...,
When a bacterial cell is lysed ho...,
Name all the histones of eukaryot...
20  cards
Wright 11 - Mutations and Phenotype
What is a mutation,
What two types of cells can mutat...,
What is a translocation mutation
18  cards
Wright 12 - Mutagens and the Ames Test
What type of mutagens are ionizin...,
What type of mutagens are base an...,
What are cosmic rays composed of
16  cards

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