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DNA and chromosome basics
Diameter of dna,
Whats on the outside of dna struc...,
Double helix is supported by
36  cards
DNA amplification and genetic engineering
What components are needed in pcr,
Uses of pcr,
Limitations of pcr
28  cards
DNA replication and the cell cycle
Origin of replication
48  cards
Transcription, the central dogma and splicing
What will be produced from transc...,
Transcription process,
45  cards
How many types of bases in nuclei...,
How many types of bases in nuclei...,
How many amino acids
77  cards
control of gene expression 1
Why if most cells in organisms co...,
Tata box,
Example of a promotor sequence
41  cards
When does homologous recombinatio...,
Crossing over is visible at,
If non homologous recombination o...
30  cards
patterns and principles of heredity
In meiosis a diploid cell produces,
The 4 haploid gametes will be,
Meiosis 1
28  cards
interactions between genes
Types f interactions between alle...,
Interactions between genes,
Co dominance
28  cards
chromosome variation and sex determination
Organisms with multiples of the b...,
What can vary among closely relat...
55  cards
forward genetics
The forward genetics approach see...,
Is forward or reverse genetics th...,
Forward genetics starts with the
26  cards
linkage and mapping in eukaryotes
How was linkage discovered,
One genetic map unit mu,
Genetic mapping
40  cards
population genetics- basics
It is clear that some diseases ha...,
Sir william richard doll,
Proof in pictures of disease and ...
48  cards
hardy weinberg and fittness
Hardy winbergy equation,
P q,
31  cards
Evolution simple definition by do...,
What does population genetic theo...,
46  cards
When does adaption occur,
All organisms are
49  cards
control of gene expression 2
Control of eukaryotic transcripti...,
Multiple epigenetic mechanisms co...,
Around 95 of human genes show
25  cards
Genetic variation
Only and are genetically identical,
What could be different about the...,
Types of genetic variation
29  cards
Rare alleles are termed,
An organisms containing rare alle...,
The normal allele organism are te...
42  cards
Changes in chromosome structure
Deletion where chromosomes have m...,
15  cards
reverse genetics
Reverse genetics approaches to seek,
How may the gene responsible for ...,
Reverse eugenics method simple 3
49  cards
population genetics detail
4 main factors which influence al...,
Wha ar eeasurbale traits,
Quantitative traits
42  cards
MCQ ppq
Who was nucleic acid dna first di...
53  cards
Adaptation 2/3
Co evolution,
Co evolution and close relationships,
Commensalism only one party benef...
34  cards

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