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1. Atmosphere and Weather
What is weather,
What is climate,
How are you gonna remember the 5 ...
63  cards
1. Global Warming and Urban Heat Islands
Why might people try to deny clim...,
What are the sources of co2,
How does co2 contribute to global...
42  cards
2 + A. Tectonic Plates
What are the key features of cont...,
What are the key features of ocea...,
What causes tectonic plates at pl...
28  cards
2 + A. Rocks and Weathering Key Terms
Tectonic plate,
Divergent plate boundary,
Conservative plate boundary
34  cards
2 + A. Mass Movement
What is denudation,
What is a rock what structures ca...,
How does climate affect weathering
60  cards
3. Water Cycle Key Terms
River discharge
34  cards
3. River Features
What does the hjulstrom curve dem...,
What is competence,
What is
30  cards
3. Hydrographs
Peak flow peak discharge
26  cards
3. Exeter Flooding and Human Impacts on Hydrological Cycle
Which physical factors make exete...,
Which human factors make exeter p...,
Which features have been installe...
35  cards
Human AS Key Terms
Ageing population,
Anti natalist policy,
Birth rate
42  cards
4. Population
How did the 1st agricultural revo...,
What were the advantages of the 1...,
What were the disadvantages of th...
38  cards
4. Thailand and Kerala
How has thailand s growth rate de...,
How has thailand s fertility rate...,
How has thailand s contraception ...
19  cards
4. Managing Population Size
What do the features of a populat...,
What do the features of a populat...,
Why is the demographic transition...
40  cards
4. Food Security
What is the definition of food se...,
How does soil exhaustion cause fo...,
How does low capital investment c...
36  cards
4. Malthus and Boserup
What were the main ideas of,
Summarise the ideas,
32  cards
5. Migration
What is an international migrant,
What is counter urbanisation,
What is forced migration
69  cards
6. Settlement Dynamics
What are the perceptions of rural...,
What are the perceptions of rural...,
How does rural iceland match perc...
71  cards
6. NYC World City
What is a world city,
How are world cities defined,
Why are world cities attract educ...
53  cards
6. Dharavi
What are squatter settlements,
What are the problems with squatt...,
What are the difficulties of mana...
21  cards
A. Volcanoes
Java s population density is over...,
How many people live on the slope...,
How many people live in yogyakart...
30  cards
A. Earthquakes and Tsunamis
What are earthquakes caused by,
What is intensity,
What is magnitude
40  cards
A. Monitoring of Earthquakes and Volcanoes
How are hazards classified,
What are the issues with prediction,
How are earthquakes monitored
19  cards
A. Tornadoes
What is a tornado,
What are the characteristics of a...,
What are the hazards of a tornado
15  cards
A. Tropical Storms and Philippines
Where are tropical storms called ...,
When are tropical storms called c...,
When are tropical storms called t...
65  cards
B. Causes of Aridity and Sonoran Case Study
How is a rain shadow created,
Why does the air rising over moun...,
How are deserts
15  cards
B. Desert Landforms
Which characteristics of arid are...,
What are exogenous rivers,
What are epheremal episodic rivers
41  cards
B. Evidence of Change **
1  cards
B. Desert Ecosystems **
1  cards
B. Almeria **
What is desertification,
How much rainfall does almeria sp...,
How much biodiversity does almeri...
16  cards
B. Sahel
Give an example demonstrating the...,
What did aid agencies prioritise ...,
What measures does sustainable fa...
6  cards
C. International Tourism
What is the definition of tourism,
How have levels of tourism change...,
What were the effects of tourism
76  cards
C. Mass Tourism
What is mass tourism,
How many tourists a year does mal...,
What are the positive sociocultur...
30  cards
Iceland's Energy Strategy
What is the un definition for sus...,
Following the un definition of su...,
Iceland has the ___ ___ ___ ___ _...
24  cards

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