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1.1 Population dynamics
Reasons for the population explos...,
15  cards
1.2 Migration
29  cards
1.3 Population structure
Dependency ratio,
Population pyramid,
Stage 1 of dtm
10  cards
1.4 Population density and distribution
Causes of sparse population 4,
Causes of dense population 7
2  cards
1.5 Settlements and service provision
Describe a dispersed settlement,
Describe a linear settlement,
Describe a nucleated settlement
21  cards
1.6 Urban settlements
Cbd central business district,
Functions of the cbd,
Land uses in cbd
15  cards
1.7 Urbanisation
Reasons for rural areas seeking a...,
Rural urban migration,
Push factors from rural areas 6
23  cards
2.1 Earthquakes and Volcanoes
Oceanic crust,
Continental crust,
What is the general distribution ...
40  cards
2.2 Rivers
Drainage basin,
45  cards
2.3 Coasts
37  cards
2.4 Weather
How does a stevensons screen prov...,
Explain how a rain gauge works
10  cards
2.5 Climate and natural vegetation
Location of the equatorial climate,
Temperature of the equatorial cli...,
Average annual rainfall of the eq...
25  cards
3.1 Development
2  cards
Case study 1: Over-population in Bangladesh
Population of bangladesh,
Population density of bangladesh,
How does religion affect the popu...
7  cards
Case study 2: Under-population in Australia
Population density in australia,
Population of australia,
What are the positive effects of ...
7  cards
Case study 3: High rates of natural pop. growth in Niger
Natural population growth in niger,
What are the causes of high natur...,
What are the causes of high natur...
6  cards
Case study 4: Low rate of population growth in Russia
Population of russia,
What historical causes are there ...,
Rate of population growth in russia
9  cards
Case study 5: One child policy in China
What was the main historical caus...,
When was the one child policy int...,
How was the one child policy enfo...
6  cards
Case study 6: HIV/AIDS in Botswana
What are the causes of hiv aids i...,
What are the causes of hiv aids i...,
What are the causes of hiv aids i...
6  cards
Case study 7: Voluntary international migration from Poland to the UK
What was the main political cause...,
What were the main push factors o...,
What are the main pull factors of...
9  cards
Case study 8: Involuntary international migration from Syria
Main political reason for the inv...,
Psd for syrias involuntary migration,
What are the main acceptors of sy...
4  cards
Case study 9: Internal migration in Botswana
What is the main type of internal...,
What are the push factors of rura...,
What are the pull factors of rura...
5  cards
Case study 10: High dependent population in Japan
What are the causes of an aging p...,
What are the causes of an aging p...,
What are the problems of an aging...
5  cards
Case study 11: Low population density in Namibia
Population density in namibia,
Why is namibia sparsely populated...,
Why is namibia sparsely populated...
5  cards
Case study 12: Factors influencing population distribution
Where do most of botswanas live,
Why do most botswanans live in th...,
Why do botswanans do not live in ...
3  cards
Case study 13: Pireaus and Athens settlements in Greece.
What is piraeus,
What is the historical function o...,
What factors affect the site grow...
3  cards
Case study 14: Settlement hierarchy in Spain
4  cards
Case study 15: Settlement and Service provision in the Isle of Wright, UK.
2  cards
Case study 16: Rapid urban growth, problems and conflicts over land usage in Mumbai, India
How has rapid urbanisation lead t...,
How has rapid urbanization lead t...,
What are the solutions to solving...
7  cards
Case study 17: Housing and traffic issues in London, UK
How have housing prices gone up i...,
How has traffic congestion been m...,
Has traffic managing been success...
3  cards
Case Study 18: Squatter settlements in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
What are the problems with housin...,
What are the problems with crime ...,
What are the problems with traffi...
6  cards
Case study 19: Haiti earthquake
When did the haiti earthquake occur,
What was the cause to the haiti e...,
What was the magnitude of the hai...
8  cards
Case study 20: Eruption of Mt St Helen's volcano, USA
What type of volcano is mt st helens,
Altitude of mt st helens,
What were the events leading to t...
8  cards
Case study 21: Management of the Mississippi River, USA
Background information about the ...,
What are the problems with the mi...,
What are the problems with the mi...
4  cards
Case study 22: Flooding in the Ganges, Bangladesh.
What are the causes of flooding i...,
What are the effects of flooding ...
2  cards
Case study 23: Advantages and disadvantages of living in the Ganges Delta, Bangladesh
What are the advantages of living...,
What are the problems of living o...,
Psd for advantages and disadvanta...
3  cards
Case study 24: Great Barrier Reef in Australia
Why does the great barrier reef e...,
What are the opportunities that t...,
What are the threats to the great...
4  cards
Case study 25: Mangroves in the Cayman Islands
What are the opportunities presen...,
What are the threats to the mangr...
2  cards
Case study 26: Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, USA
How was hurricane katrina created,
What were the social impacts of h...,
What were the economic impacts of...
5  cards
Case study 27: Coastal erosion in Pacifica, USA
Why is pacifica being eroded,
What problems did coastal erosion...,
How has the coastal erosion been ...
4  cards

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