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Computers 💻 | Data representation | 1.1
What system does a computer use t...,
What is the smallest unit of data...,
What is a bit represented as
77  cards
Computers 💻 | Text, sounds, images | 1.2
How do we hear sound,
A sound wave is usually represent...,
What does the height of a sound w...
50  cards
Computers 💻 | Computer Architecture | 3.1
What does cpu stand for,
Define cpu,
Define microprocessor
67  cards
Computers 💻 | I/O Devices | 3.2
Define input device,
Define output device,
Define barcode
100  cards
Computers 💻 | Storage Device | 3.3
What do storage devices allow for,
Why are removable storage devices...,
What are the two groups that memo...
22  cards
Computers 💻 | Software and Interrupts | 4.1
Define software,
What are the two kinds of software,
What is the purpose of system sof...
66  cards
Computers 💻 | Programming Languages! Translators! IDEs! | 4.2
Define machine code,
Define high level language hll,
Define low level language lll
33  cards
Computers 💻 | Welcome to the Internet! | 5.1
Define internet,
Define the world wide web www,
What is the difference between th...
57  cards
Computers 💻 | Cyber S̸̈ẻ̸c̴̒ǘ̶̫r̷̋i̵̗̔ţ̸̍y̴̝̅| 5.2
List some examples of cyber secur...,
Define brute force attack,
Describe how a brute force attack...
86  cards
Computers 💻 | Automated systems | 6.1
Define automated system,
What components do automated syst...,
What is the role of a sensor in a...
17  cards
Computers 💻 | Robotics | 6.2
Define robotics,
Define robot,
Give three examples of where robo...
68  cards
Computers 👩🏿‍💻 | Algorithms | 7.1
What are the steps in program dev...,
What is the analysis step in prog...,
What are the steps of analysing t...
76  cards
History ⏳ | Introduction 👣 | 0.0
Define tsar,
Define great power,
Define empire
105  cards
History ⏳ | Were the Peace treaties fair? 🤝🏼 | 1.1
Ah yes what does this do,
Define naval supremacy
84  cards
History ⏳ | Aftermath and other treaties 🤝🏼 | 1.2
What were wilson s 4 successes,
What were wilson s 3 failures,
What were clemenceau s 4 successes
97  cards
History ⏳ | To what extent was the League of Nations a success? 💞 | 2.1
What vision did wilson have of th...,
What vision did british,
What vision did france have of th...
104  cards
History ⏳ | Zero extent 💞 | 2.2
What was the affair over the alan...,
When was the dispute over the ala...,
How did the league of nations inv...
140  cards
History ⏳ | The collapse of international peace 🧱 | 3.1
Opinions on if appeasement is justified not included
74  cards
History ⌛ | Let the peace topple! 🧱 | 3.2
What was hitler s excuse for inva...,
How was hitler able to unite with...,
What did the austrian chancellor ...
68  cards
History ⏳ | The Cold Story of the Grand Alliance 🧊 | 4.1
Who were the allies in ww2,
Who were the axis powers in ww2,
How many battle deaths were in ww2
113  cards
History ⏳ | A chilling war begins 🧊 | 4.2
What was the marshall plan,
Why did truman decline the marsha...,
Who announced the marshall plan
75  cards
History ⏳ | Containing communism: Korea 🛡 | 5.1
What country ruled korea from 191...,
What changes did japan make to korea,
When was the chinese civil war
15  cards
History ⏳ | The crisis in Cuba 🛡 | 5.2
What was the platt ammendment,
When did the usa get effective co...,
How did the usa get effective con...
70  cards
History ⏳ | Vietnam and the trail against America 🛡 | 5.3
When did the usa defeat the spani...,
Who controlled indo china in the ...,
When did france lose indo china
87  cards
History ⌛ | Germany Depth: Was Weimar doomed? 🍻 | 6.1a
Define revolution,
Prior to the revolution who gover...,
What was the kiel mutiny
101  cards
History ⏳ | Germany Depth: Weimar? More like Whymar 🍻 | 6.1b
When were the reparations for ger...,
When was the reparation,
When were the weisbaden accords
101  cards
History ⏳ | Germany Depth: Rise of the Nazis 🍷 | 6.2a
What was the nazi party originall...,
Who founded the dap,
How did the dap turn into the naz...
111  cards
History ⏳ | German Depth: The path to Führer 🍷 | 6.2b
Who was ernst rohm,
Who did goebbels originally support,
Who was hermann goring
88  cards
History ⏳ | German Depth: Nazi Control 🥂 | 6.3a
Start with defining key terms gau...,
Who was clemens august graf von g...,
Internally what were the nazi lea...
107  cards
History ⏳ | German Depth: Life under the Nazis 🥂 | 6.3b
When did hitler in a speech descr...,
How did hitler describe his ideal...,
What were the aims of nazi educat...
129  cards
Biology 🍃 | Characteristics and Organization | 1.1
What are the 7 characteristics of...,
Define movement,
Define respiration
75  cards
Biology 🍃 | Cells | 1.2 + 2
What is the shape of an animal cell,
What do multiple animal cells mak...,
What do animal cells uniquely have
89  cards
Biology 🍃 | Movement in and out of cells | 3
What is diffusion,
Where do particles tend to spread to,
Why do particles spread from high...
63  cards
Biology 🍃 | Biological Molecules | 4
What are the four main elements i...,
What are the elements in our body...,
What are organic compounds
95  cards
Biology 🍃 | Enzymes | 5
What biological molecule are enzymes,
What are enzymes,
The reaction enzymes speed up can...
31  cards
Biology 🍃 | Plant Nutrition | 6
What is the photosynthesis word e...,
In the night plants _ because _,
How does temperature increase spe...
55  cards
Biology 🍃 | Human nutrition | 7
if you are confused this is a quirky name for the human nutrition chapter
89  cards
Biology 🍃 | Transport in plants | 8
Vascular bundles consist of,
What is the function of xylem,
What is the function of phloem
40  cards
Biology 🍃 | Transport in animals | 9
What is the circulatory system,
What is the difference between th...,
What is a single circulatory system
64  cards
Biology 🍃 | Diseases & Immunity | 10
Define pathogen,
What is a transmissible disease,
What are the four types of pathogens
31  cards
Biology 🍃 | Gas Exchange in humans | 11
What is the difference between re...,
Through what organs does the air ...,
Gas exchange involves an _ and a _
24  cards
Biology 🍃 | Respiration | 12
What are the uses of energy in li...,
Define aerobic respiration,
What is the word equation for aer...
18  cards
Biology 🍃 | Excretion | 13
From where is carbon dioxide excr...,
What do the kidneys excrete,
Define excretion
28  cards
Biology 🍃 | Coordination and response | 14
What do electrical impulses trave...,
What are the two parts of a mamma...,
What does the cns consist of
114  cards
Biology 🍃 | Drugs | 15
Define drug,
What do we use to treat bacterial...,
How do antibiotics kill bacteria
8  cards
Biology 🍃 | Plant Reproduction | 16.1
Define reproduction,
What is asexual reproducting,
What is the major difference betw...
50  cards
Biology 🍃 | Human Reproduction | 16.2
69  cards
Biology 🍃 | Inheritance | 17
Define inheritance,
Define dna,
Define chromosomes
79  cards
Biology 🍃 | Variation & Selection | 18
Define variation,
Define phenotypic variation,
What is continuous variation
39  cards
Biology 🍃 | Biotechnology | 21
List the reasons why bacteria are...,
Why are plasmids useful in geneti...,
List the examples we have studies...
55  cards
Geography 🌎 | Population 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 | Deck 1
Define birth rate,
Define death rate,
What factors need to be present f...
106  cards
Geography 🌎 | Population! 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 | Deck 2
What is anti natalist and pro nat...,
What part of the world has the mo...,
What is brain drain
81  cards
Geography 🌎 | Australia & Nigeria | CASE STUDY ◽
Why is australia considered to be...,
Describe the climate of austalia,
How is the australian government ...
22  cards
Geography 🌎 | Settlement sites 🏘 |
What is a settlement,
Why did hunter gatherers who bega...,
What are the factors of finding a...
92  cards
Geography 🌎 | Urbanisation 🌆 |
Define urbanisation,
What is rural depopulation,
Define counter urbanisation
36  cards
Geography 🌍 | Tectonic plates 🗺 |
What is a tectonic plate,
What is the crust,
What is the mantle and what does ...
60  cards
Geography 🌍 | The Nepal Earthquakes | CASE STUDY ◽
Where is nepal,
How man,
What was the magnitude of the nep...
25  cards
Geography 🌍 | The Sinabung Eruptions | CASE STUDY ◽
Which plate margins created mount...,
What type of volcano is mount sin...,
How tall is sinabung
25  cards
Geography 🌍 | A River of information 💧 | Deck 1
Which river transports the bigges...,
What is the longest river,
Define evaporation
79  cards
Geography 🌍 | The flood of knowledge 💧 | Deck 2
Define percolation,
Define throughflow,
Define interception
58  cards
Geography 🌍 | The River Nile | CASE STUDY ◽
What countries does the nile flow...,
What are the two tributaries of t...,
Where is the confluence of the bl...
39  cards
Geography 🌍 | Coasts 🏖 |
What is the swash,
What is the backwash,
What factors affect the size of a...
100  cards
Geography 🌍 | Lyme Regis | CASE STUDY ◽
Where is lyme regis,
What is the main attraction of ly...,
In lyme regis how is its geology ...
22  cards
Geography 🌍 | Typhoon Haiyan | CASE STUDY ◽
When was typhoon haiyan,
What was typhoon haiyan,
How many deaths were caused by ty...
24  cards
Geography 🌍 | Weather ☔ |
What device is used to measure wi...,
What units are used by an anemometer,
How does an anemometer work
30  cards
Geography 🌍 || Every Theme 1 Case Study ▪ ||
Why is a lot of australia underpo...,
What is the temperature range of ...,
How did australia s population ch...
59  cards
Geography 🌍 || Every Theme 2 Case Study ▪ ||
Where is nepal,
When was the nepal earthquake,
What was the magnitude of the nep...
130  cards
Geography 🌏 || Every Theme 3 Case Study ||
What case study is for a tnc,
Where is nike s headquarters found,
What of the nike workforce is bas...
103  cards

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