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SIL revision
What are groynes,
What are the advantages of groynes,
What are the disadvantages of gro...
30  cards
What is a system,
What is an open system,
What is a closed system
8  cards
Sediment cells
What is a sediment cell,
What are the dividing boundaries ...,
What type of system is a sediment...
14  cards
The Holderness Coast as a sediment cell
Where is sediment sub cell 2a loc...,
What are the inputs into the sub ...,
What are the transfers processes ...
6  cards
Define positive feedback,
Define negative feedback,
Provide an example of positive fe...
4  cards
How are riptides different to rip...,
How do rip currents form
2  cards
When do the highest tide and lowe...,
Why do high tides form when the s...,
What things occur when the sun an...
18  cards
Waves - sources of energy
How do waves move,
What are some key characteristics...,
What are some key characteristics...
31  cards
High-energy and Low-energy coastlines
What are the features of high ene...,
What type of sediment are higher ...
5  cards
Geomorphological processes
What are sub aerial processes,
What are the different types mech...,
What are the different types of
7  cards
What is weathering,
What type of weather is wetting a...,
What type of weathering is exfoli...
13  cards
What is hydraulic action,
What is abrasion corrasion,
What is attrition
8  cards
factors affecting coastal erosion
What is lithology,
What is the erosion rate of granite,
What is the erosion rate of limes...
18  cards
Landforms of coastal erosion
How do cass form,
How is a wave cut notch formed,
How is a wave cut platform formed
8  cards
Discordant coastline example: Flamborough Head, Holderness- CASE STUDY
How does the geology geological s...,
What are the erosional features a...,
What are the erosional landforms ...
7  cards
Mass movement
What is mass movement,
What is a key fact about mass mov...,
What is soil creep solifluction
24  cards
Depositional beach features
What are ridges and runnels,
How are ridges and runnels formed,
In what area of the shoreline are...
13  cards
Depositional landforms
What are swash aligned coastlines,
What are some swash aligned landf...,
What are drift aligned coastlines
21  cards
What is traction,
What is saltation,
What is suspension
4  cards
The Holderness Coast as part of a sediment cell
Where is sediment sub cell 2a loc...,
What are the inputs into the cell
2  cards
Sand dunes
0  cards
Plant succession
What is plant succession,
Why are depositional landforms un...,
How are depositional landforms st...
5  cards
Gibraltar point sand dunes - CASE STUDY
Where is gibraltar point located,
Name the 5 bird species at gibral...,
What is the ratio of sand dunes t...
9  cards
Coastal management
What are the traditional approach...,
What are the sustainable approach...,
Give some facts about smps
7  cards
Soft Engineering
0  cards
Hard Engineering
What are sea walls,
What are the advantages of sea walls,
What are the disadvantages of sea...
28  cards
Sea level change landforms
What is an emergent coastline,
What is a submergent coastline,
What are the emergent landforms
15  cards
Sea level change causes
What is isostatic change,
What is eustatic change,
What has happened to the global t...
15  cards
Sea Palling Advance the Line Strategy - CASE STUDY
What was phase one of the strategy,
How was the strategy adapted in p...,
What was the main reason for the ...
6  cards
Estuarine saltmarshes and mudflats
What are mudflats,
What is a saltmarsh,
What is stage 1 of saltmarsh form...
8  cards
Odisha Coast - CASE STUDY
What is resilience,
What is mitigation,
What is adaptation
8  cards
Concordant coastal landscape, Lulworth Cove, Dorset - CASE STUDY
Describe the location of lulworth...,
Describe the formation of lulwort...,
What marine processes take place ...
3  cards
Pevensey Bay - CASE STUDY
Why does pevensey bay need protec...,
How is beach replenishment rechar...,
How is beach recycling used at pe...
19  cards
CASE STUDY - Kiribati
0  cards
The Holderness Coast
Why is coastal management needed,
What agent of change defends the ...,
What types of management techniqu...
6  cards

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