grade 12 biology

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Chapter 1: The Chemical Basis of Life
Half life
88  cards
Chapter 2: Cellular Respiration
95  cards
Chapter 1: Practice Questions
In looking at the periodic table ...,
Isomers are molecules that,
In living organisms buffers do wh...
7  cards
Chapter 3: Photosynthesis
107  cards
Chapter 4: DNA- The Molecular Basis of Life
Deoxyribonucleic acid dna,
117  cards
Chapter 7 & 8: Homeostasis
86  cards
Chapter 7 Practice Test
Contractions that increase in str...,
Kidneys remove waste balance bloo...,
A cross section of the kidney sho...
22  cards
Endocrine System Test
When a person sweats and does not...,
People with diabetes feel tired b...,
Low levels of thyroxine in the bl...
25  cards
Chapter 9 & 10- Immune and Nervous Systems
0  cards
Chemistry of Life Test (Ch.1)
In living organisms buffers do wh...,
What is an example of a monosacch...,
What element is found in all orga...
29  cards
Chapter 14: Population Ecology
Population size
12  cards
Cellular Respiration Test (Ch.2)
Cellular respiration results in t...,
Enzymes lower activation energy,
The krebs cycle is located outsid...
26  cards
Photosynthesis Test (Ch.3)
The one thing that all photosynth...,
Light is a form of energy that tr...,
During photosynthesis light energ...
20  cards
Molecular Genetics Test (Ch.4,5,6)
Dna is most often described as a ...,
The anticodon for the mrna codon ...,
Some restriction endonucleases ma...
30  cards
Internal Balance Test (Ch. 7/8)
Contractions that increase in str...,
An increase in body temperature i...,
Kidneys remove waste balance bloo...
16  cards
Nervous and Immune Systems Test (Ch. 9/10)
Information from your brain is mo...,
Electrochemical messages are carr...,
When the nerve cell is excited it...
33  cards
Population Dynamics Test (Ch.14)
Quadrant sampling is the most eff...,
The sampling technique a biologis...,
The maximum number of organisms t...
30  cards
Electronegativity is a measure of...,
The production of a large molecul...,
An enzyme is a biological carbohy...
74  cards
Aerobic cellular respiration requ...,
Krebs cycle is located in the mat...,
Chargaffs rules state that in dna...
50  cards

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