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Indian art and culture
Char dham pilgrimage,
Know india programme
224  cards
Modern Indian history, freedom struggle and post independence
Panchteerth is related to,
1 t f maharaja duleepsingh was th...
17  cards
world history
American revolution colonization ...,
American revolution causes,
American revolution causes economic
204  cards
Indian society and diversity
Khujli ghar,
Slave trade from india,
Lakshdweep society
21  cards
women and women's organisation
Innocenti declarations,
Women transforming india awards,
Women entrepreneurship platform
52  cards
population, related issues, poverty and urbanisation; Globalisation
City innovation exchange cix,
Public premises eviction of unaut...,
Pop and demography change in assam
55  cards
social empowerment, communalism, regionalism and secularism
Ncrb data on riots 2018 vs 2017 s...,
Ipc provisions wrt offences relat...
2  cards
GS-IV specific
The lies of nationalism
1  cards
Ancient India history
Six schools of philosophy,
Nyaya school,
Vaishesika school
276  cards
Medieval History and Travellers
Foreign travellers that arrived i...,
Foreign travellers that arrived i...,
Foreign travellers that arrived i...
473  cards
Indian freedom struggle
Factors in growth of modern natio...,
Factors in growth of modern natio...,
Factors in growth of modern natio...
261  cards
Advent of Europeans, growth of British empire, Socio-religious reform and Tribal-peasant movements
Advent of portuguese backgrnd,
Navigator who significance,
Treaty of tordesillas
252  cards
guv-gen, Indian newspapers and trade workers movements
Warren hastings,
Lord cornwallis,
Sir john shore
120  cards
HIstory Mains Questions
2013 q1 sangam literature intro,
2013 q1 sangam literature trade a...,
2013 q1 sangam literature trade c...
112  cards
T f english channel is a part of ...,
Rice bowl of karnataka,
Highest peak in european continent
63  cards
Mauryan art intro,
Mauryan art court art palaces,
Mauryan art court art pillars
32  cards
Indus Valley
Ivc site harappa discoverer yr,
Ivc site harappa location,
Ivc site harappa findings
76  cards

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