gsce biology aqa paper 2

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B10.1 Principles of homeostasis
What is homeostasis,
What are some examples of interna...,
What are receptors
6  cards
B10.2 The structure and function of the nervous system
What neurones,
What are nerves,
Where does the impulse travel
11  cards
B10.3 Reflex actions
What are reflexes,
What are reflexes for,
Are reflexes automatic
13  cards
B10.4 The brain
What is the protective membrane t...,
What is the brain made up of,
What is the purpose of the cerebr...
11  cards
B10.5 The eye
What is the retina,
What is the sclera,
What is the cornea
19  cards
B10.6 Common problems of the eye
What is accommodation,
What happens in order to focus on...,
What happens in order to focus on...
17  cards
B11.1 Principles of hormonal control
What is the endocrine system,
What is a hormone,
How does the endocrine system work
18  cards
B11.2 The control of blood glucose levels
Why is it important to have a con...,
What does the pancreas do,
What happens after you eat a meal
14  cards
B11.3 Treating diabetes
How can you treat type 1 diabetes,
Why do you need to be careful abo...,
What are the problems of injectin...
9  cards
B11.4 The role of negative feedback
What is the negative feedback system,
What happens if an initial change...,
What is the purpose of the thyroi...
10  cards
B11.5 Human reproduction
What are the primary sexual chara...,
What does the scrotum do,
What does the reproductive organs do
17  cards
B11.6 Hormones and the menstrual cycle
How long is the menstrual cycle,
What happens if the egg is fertil...,
What happens if the egg is not fe...
8  cards
B11.7 The artificial control of fertility
What is contraception,
How does the contraceptive pill work,
What are the issues with a contra...
13  cards
B11.8 Infertility treatments
What is lack of ovulation,
How can lack of ovulation be over...,
What is ivf
6  cards
B11.9 Plant hormones and the responses
What are plant roots sensitive to,
What is tropisms tropic responses,
What is phototropism
11  cards
B11.10 Using plant hormones
What is gibbereliins,
What is ethene,
How can you use auxins to make mo...
8  cards
B12.1 Controlling body temperatures
What is the optimum temperature f...,
What can affect your internal bod...,
What does the control of your cor...
13  cards
B12.2 Removing waste products
What are the 2 main poisonous was...,
Why does carbon dioxide get produ...,
How does the body get rid of carb...
13  cards
B12.3 The human kidney
Where is the urine stored,
What does the kidney filter,
What is the purpose of the renal ...
15  cards
B12.4 Dialysis - an artificial kidney
What are the 2 methods of treatin...,
What is dialysis,
What happens in a dialysis machine
15  cards
B12.5 Kidney transplants
What is the problem of transplant...,
What are the ways to reduce the r...,
What are immunosuppressant drugs
11  cards
B13.1 Types of reproduction
What are the different types of r...,
How many parents do asexual repro...,
Why is there no variation in the ...
12  cards
B13.2 Cell division in sexual reproduction
What does meiosis result in,
What is the step by step process ...,
What is a haploid
16  cards
B13.3 The best of both worlds
How many parents are need in asex...,
When is asexual reproduction disa...,
How many parents are need for sex...
20  cards
B13.4 DNA and the genome
What are your chromosomes made up of,
What is dna,
What are genes
11  cards
B13.5 DNA structure and protein synthesis
What is your dna made up of,
What are attached to each sugar,
What is a nucleotide
15  cards
B13.6 Gene expression and mutation
What does it mean when a gene is ...,
What does the non coding part of ...,
What are mutations
9  cards
B13.7 Inheritance in action
What is an allele,
What is homozygote and heterozygote,
What is a genotype
7  cards
B13.8 More about genetics
What are the sex chromosomes in f...,
What are the sex chromosomes of m...,
What are the chances of having a ...
4  cards
B13.9 Inherited disorders
What is polydactyl,
What is cystic fibrosis,
What are the problems with cystic...
7  cards
B13.10 Screening for genetic disorders
What is the purpose of ivf,
What is amniocentesis,
What is chorionic villus sampling
6  cards
B14.1 Variation
What affects variation,
What is your height and weight af...,
What are the only genetically ide...
4  cards
B14.2 Evolution by natural selection
What is natural selection,
What is variation mainly caused by,
What is a mutation
9  cards
B14.3 Selective breeding
What is selective breeding,
What are some examples of desirab...,
How can wolves be selective bred
7  cards
B14.4 Genetic engineering
What is genetic engineering,
How does genetic engineering happen,
What are gm crops
8  cards
B14.5 Cloning
What is a clone,
What is the 1st step in tissue cu...,
What is the 2nd step in tissue cu...
12  cards
B14.6 Adult cell cloning
What are the main steps involved ...,
What was the 1st mammal to be cloned,
What are the benefits of adult ce...
5  cards
B14.7 Ethics of genetic technologies
What are advantages of genetic en...,
What does golden rice offer,
Why is gm rice not being developed
5  cards
B15.1 The history of genetics
Who discovered that characteristi...,
What led to mendel s discovery,
What did mendel discover
14  cards
B15.2 Theories of evolution
What is darwin s theory called,
What did lamarck propose,
What are the problems of lamarck ...
7  cards
B15.3 Accepting Darwin's ideas
How did darwin build up the evidence,
Why was darwin s theory rejected
2  cards
B15.4 Evolution and speciation
What are the key elements of spec...,
What is speciation,
How do populations become isolated
6  cards
B15.5 Evidence for evolution
What are fossils,
How does lack of decay occur and ...,
How does mineralization occur
6  cards
B15.6 Fossils and extinction
What does the fossil record show,
What is extinction,
What are the reasons for mass ext...
7  cards
B15.7 More about extinction
Why did dinosaurs die,
What is mass extinction,
What are the main reasons for the...
5  cards
B15.8 Antibiotic resistant bacteria
How do some bacteria develop resi...,
How does a bacteria become resist...,
How can we prevent more resistant...
6  cards
B15.9 Classification
What is classification,
What is the main reason for devel...,
What are the several stages of th...
8  cards
15.10 New systems of classification
Who discovered the domains,
What are the 3 domains,
What are evolutionary trees
7  cards
B16.1 The importance of communities
What is a community,
What is a population,
What is an ecosystem
7  cards
B16.2 Organisms in their environment
What are some examples of abiotic...,
How does light intensity affect t...,
How does temperature affect the e...
7  cards
B16.3 Distribution and abundance
What is the is the simplest way t...,
What do quadrats mainly use,
What is quantitative sampling
7  cards
B16.4 Competition in animals
What do animals compete for,
How can animals compete for mates,
Why do animals that rely on singl...
3  cards
B16.5 Competition in plants
What do plants compete for,
Why do plants compete,
How are plant roots adapted
6  cards
B16.6 Adapt and survive
What are some plant adaptions,
How are epiphytes adapted,
How are animals adapted
8  cards
B16.7 Adaptions in animals
What are the most common adaption...,
What are some adaptions of animal...,
How can camouflage be useful
4  cards
B16.8 Adaptions in plants
What is the role of the stomata,
How are plants adapted by changin...,
How are cacti adapted
7  cards
B17.1 Feeding relationships
What are primary consumers,
What are the secondary consumers,
What are tertiary consumers
7  cards
B17.2 Materials cycling
What are decomposers,
What are the full steps of the de...,
What are the main stages of the w...
5  cards
B17.3 The carbon cycle
What are carbon sinks,
What is the importance of photosy...,
How is carbon dioxide returned to...
7  cards
B17.4 Rates of decomposition
What affects the conditions for d...,
How does moisture affect decay,
How does oxygen affect decay
7  cards
B18.1 The human population explosion
What is the definition of biodive...,
What effects had humans had on ou...,
What does a high biodiversity mean
4  cards
B18.2 Land and water pollution
What does an increase in fertilis...,
What are the effects of the high ...,
What are the problems if there is...
7  cards
B18.3 Air pollution
How is sulfur dioxide frequently ...,
What are the problems of sulfur d...,
What is the ph of acid rain
10  cards
B18.4 Deforestation and peat destruction
What are the 3 main reasons for d...,
How does deforestation lead to mo...,
What is a peat
4  cards
B18.5 Global warming
What is the greenhouse effect,
Is the greenhouse good or bad,
What are the problems of climate ...
3  cards
B18.6 The impact of change
What factors are closely linked t...,
What are some examples of seasona...,
What are geographical changes
5  cards
B18.7 Maintaining biodiversity
How can breeding program maintain...,
What can protection do to maintai...,
How can field margins and hedgero...
5  cards
B18.8 Trophic levels and biomass
What is a trophic level,
What is in trophic level 1,
What is in trophic level 2
12  cards
B18.9 Biomass transfers
How is biomass lose in waste,
How can movement reduce biomass u,
How can temperature affect biomass
4  cards
B18.10 Factors affecting food security
What is food security,
How does birth rate affect food s...,
How does changing diets affect fo...
9  cards
B18.11 Making food production efficient
Why are shorter food chains more ...,
What are the ways farmers can inc...,
What are the positives and negati...
3  cards
B18.12 Sustainable food production
How can you tackle the problem of...,
What is mycoprotein,
How is the production of mycoprot...
4  cards

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