gsce computer science ocr

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1.1 System Architecture
What is an embedded system,
What is the clock speed,
Why are embedded systems efficient
35  cards
1.2 Memory
What is primary memory,
What are the 2 types of primary m...,
What is ram
17  cards
1.3 Storage
What is secondary storage,
What are the 3 types of secondary...,
What are the advantages of magnet...
20  cards
1.4 Wired and Wireless Networks
What is a network,
What is a local area network lan,
What is a wide area network wan
32  cards
1.5 Network Topologies Protocols and Layers
How are the nodes connected to on...,
What type of topology do client s...,
What are the advantages of a star...
50  cards
1.6 System Security
What is a passive attack,
How can you prevent a passive attack,
What is an active attack
31  cards
1.7 System Software
What is the purpose of the operat...,
What are device drivers,
What is the purpose of the user i...
30  cards
1.8 Ethical, Legal , Cultural and Environmental
What is ethics,
What is privacy,
What is censorship
22  cards
2.1 Algorithms
What is abstraction,
What is decomposition,
What is algorithmic thinking
48  cards
2.2 Programming Techniques
What is a string,
What is an integer,
What is a float real number
22  cards
2.3 Producing Robust Programs
What is input sanitization,
What is input validation,
What is a presence check
19  cards
2.4 Computational thinking
Why do computers use binary,
What is a not gate,
What is an and gate
15  cards
2.5 Translators and Facilitators of Language
What is a high level language,
What are the advantages of high l...,
What does each instruction in a h...
23  cards
2.6 Data Representation
What is denary,
What is binary,
What is the purpose of hexadecima...
36  cards

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