gsce geography aqa paper 1

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1.1 Natural hazards
What is a natural hazard,
What is a hazard risk,
What factors affect hazard risk
8  cards
2.1 Distribution of earthquakes and volcanoes
What is an earthquake,
How thick are plates usually,
How do plates move
8  cards
2.2 Physical processes at plate margins
What is a constructive plate margin,
What is a destructive plate margin,
What is a conservative plate margin
10  cards
2.3 Effects of Earthquakes (Chile and Nepal)
What are the primary effects in t...,
What are secondary effects,
Is chile a hic or an lic
15  cards
2.4 Responses to earthquakes (Chile and Nepal)
What are 3 immediate responses to...,
What were 3,
What wre
4  cards
2.5 Living with the risk from tectonic hazards
Why do some people live in hazard...,
What can volcanoes bring to the s...,
What can volcanoes bring to build...
6  cards
2.6 Reducing the risk from tectonic hazards
What is monitoring,
What is,
What is protection
8  cards
3.1 Global Atmospheric circulation
How does high pressure occur in c...,
In which direction does the wind ...,
How does low pressure occur in ce...
8  cards
3.2 Where are tropical storms formed?
Where do tropical storms form,
Where do tropical storms form,
What is the effect of the earth s...
10  cards
3.3 The structure and features of tropical storms
What are the conditions at the ey...,
How has the distribution of tropi...,
How has the frequency of tropical...
4  cards
3.4 Typhoon Haiyan
What type of category was typhoon...,
What were 3 primary effects of ty...,
What were 3 secondary effects of ...
5  cards
3.5 Reducing the effects of tropical storms
What are the options to protect p...
1  cards
3.6 Weather Hazards in the UK
What is meant by extreme weather,
What is prolonged rainfall,
Why is droughts and extreme heat ...
3  cards
3.7- 3.8 Somerset Flood
What caused the somerset floods i...,
What were 2 social impacts of the...,
What were the 3 economic impacts ...
5  cards
3.9 Extreme weather in the UK
What are 2 pieces of evidence for...,
Why might extreme weather event b...
2  cards
4.1 Climate Change
What are 4 effects of climate change,
What is the evidence for climate ...,
How are shrinking glaciers and me...
4  cards
4.2 Natural causes of Climate Change
What are 3 natural causes of clim...,
What is eccentricity,
What is axial tilt
5  cards
4.3 Human causes of Climate Change
How does c02 contribute to the gr...
1  cards
4.4 Managing Climate Change
How can alternative energy produc...,
What is carbon capture,
How does carbon capture work
4  cards
4.5 Managing Climate Change
What are the impacts that climate...,
How can farmers adapt to climate ...,
How can water supplies be managed
3  cards
5.1 Ecosystems
What is an ecosystem,
What is a biotic component,
What is an abiotic component
11  cards
5.2 How does change affect ecosystems
What are the 2 types of changes t...,
How can agricultural fertilisers ...
2  cards
5.3 Introducing Global Ecosystems
What is a biome,
What causes variations in vegetat...,
What are the characteristics of a...
9  cards
6.1 Physical Characteristics of Tropical Rainforests
What are some physical characteri...,
What is the climate like in a tro...,
Why is the temperature high in a ...
10  cards
6.2 Causes of deforestation in Mayalsia
What is the purpose of deforestation,
What are the threats to malaysia ...
2  cards
6.3 Impacts of deforestation in Mayalsia
What is soil erosion,
How can trees affect climate change,
What are the economic gains of de...
4  cards
6.4 Managing Tropical Rainforests
Why should rainforest be protected
1  cards
6.5 Sustainable Management of Tropical Rainforests
What are the main reasons for rai...,
What are the steps to selective l...,
What is the benefit of ecotourism
3  cards
7.1 Physical Characteristics of Hot deserts
What are 2 physical characteristi...,
Why is there a lack of rain in a ...,
What are desert soils like
7  cards
7.2 Opportunities for development in hot deserts (Thar desert)
Where is the thar desert located,
What are the opportunities for de...,
What are the opportunities of min...
6  cards
7.3 Challenges of development in hot deserts
Why is extreme temperatures a pro...,
What is the average temperature i...,
Why is there water shortages
6  cards
7.4 Causes of desertification in hot deserts
What is desertification,
Why does desertification occur,
What are the main factors that ca...
7  cards
7.5 Reducing desertification in hot deserts
What is irrigation,
Salinization is caused by too muc...,
How can tree planting reduce erosion
4  cards
9.1 The UK's relief and landscapes
What is a relief,
What are some examples of a relief,
What is geology
4  cards
10.1 Wave types and their Characteristics
How are waves formed,
What is the fetch,
What are the steps when the waves...
6  cards
10.2 Weathering and mass movement
What causes cliffs to collapse,
What are the three types of weath...,
What is mechanical weathering
15  cards
10.3 Coastal erosion processes
What are 5 process of coastal ero...,
What is hydraulic power,
What is solution
14  cards
10.4 Coastal erosion landforms
What is a landform,
What happens when waves come in c...,
What happens when waves come in c...
10  cards
10.5 Coastal deposition landforms
What are beaches,
How are sandy beaches formed,
How are pebbles beaches formed
16  cards
10.6 Coastal deposition at Swanage
Where do headlands and bays form,
What is a discordant coastline,
What is the only type of rock in ...
4  cards
10.7 Coastal deposition at Swanage (2)
What type of headland forms in th...
1  cards
10.8 Managing coast - Hard engineering
What does managing a coast mean,
What are the 3 types of managemen...,
What is hard engineering
18  cards
10.9 Managing coast - Soft engineering
What are the 3 types of soft engi...,
What is beach nourishment,
What are the advantages of beach ...
9  cards
10.10 Managing coast - Managed retreat
What is the low lying coast near ...,
When is managed retreat used,
How much did the medmerry scheme ...
6  cards
10.11 Coastal management at Lyme Regis
What are the main regions for man...,
What happened in the phase 1 of t...,
What happened in phase 2 of the e...
8  cards
11.1 Changes in Rivers and their valleys
What is a drainage basin,
What is a tributary,
What is a confluence
11  cards
11.2 Fluvial (River) processes
What types of erosion cause the d...,
What types of erosion landforms a...,
What types of erosion and deposit...
13  cards
11.3 River erosion landforms
What type of landforms are common...,
How are interlocking spurs formed,
How are waterfalls formed
4  cards
11.4 River erosion and deposition landforms
What are meanders,
What are the processes responsibl...,
What is the thalweg
15  cards
11.5 River landforms on the River Tees
How is the gorge by river tees fo...
1  cards
11.6 Factors increasing flood risk
What are the physical factors tha...,
How does precipitation affect the...,
How does geology affect the risk ...
13  cards
11.7 Managing Floods - Hard engineering
What is a hard engineering strategy,
What are the purpose of dams,
What are the benefits of dams
10  cards
11.8 Managing Floods - Soft engineering
What is soft engineering,
How does planting trees reduce th...,
How do wetlands and flood storage...
7  cards
11.9 Managing floods at Banbury
How has banbury been affected by ...,
What has been done to reduce the ...,
What are the additional flood def...
6  cards

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