gsce geography aqa paper 2

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13.1 An increasingly urban world
What is urbanisation,
Why is urbanization not as fast i...,
Where is the greatest rate of urb...
4  cards
13.2 Factors affecting rate of urbanisation
What is rural urban migration,
What is a natural increase,
When does natural increase usuall...
7  cards
13.3 Introducing Rio de Janeiro
Where is rio de janeiro located,
Why is rio internationally important,
Why has rio become a global city
8  cards
13.4 Social opportunities and challenges in Rio
What leads to great inequalities ...,
What percent of the city had a lo...,
What are the solutions to the lac...
8  cards
13.5 Economic opportunities and challenges in Rio
What are 3 types of employment in...,
What percent of the rich populati...,
What are the problems of the info...
5  cards
13.6 Improving Rio's environment
How many deaths is caused by air ...,
What are the causes of air pollut...,
What are the reasons for the incr...
8  cards
13.7 Managing the growth of squatter settlements
What are squatter settlements cal...,
Where are most of the favelas loc...,
What is the largest favela in rio
8  cards
13.8 Planning for Rio's urban poor
What are several improvements to ...,
What is the name of the project t...,
What are 3 social improvements in...
6  cards
14.1 Where do people live in the UK
What is the recent movement with ...
1  cards
14.2 Introducing Bristol
What makes bristol a major uk city,
Why is bristol an important inter...,
What impact have migrants had in ...
4  cards
14.3 How can urban change introduce urban opportunities
What changes are affecting bristol,
How has the cultural mix changed,
What are the recreation and enter...
4  cards
14.4 Economic and environmental opportunities
What are the factors that attract...,
What are some facts of the aerosp...
2  cards
14.5 Economic and environmental opportunities (2)
What are some environmental oppor...,
What is the integrated transport ...,
What is the intention of the its ...
4  cards
14.6 Environmental challenges in Bristol
What are some problems in the city,
Where are the areas of derelictio...,
What is being done to improve the...
4  cards
14.7 Creating a clean environment in Bristol
How is bristol reducing the envir...,
How has the recycling rate increased,
How many people die everyday due ...
4  cards
14.8 Social inequality in Bristol
What are the key facts of filewoo...,
What are some key facts about sto...
2  cards
14.9 New housing for Bristol
What are the benefits of housing ...
1  cards
14.10 The Temple Quarter Regeneration
What are some benefits of regener...,
How regeneration in the temple qu...
2  cards
14.11 The Temple Quarter Regeneration (2)
What is involved in the regenerat...,
How has the area been regenerated,
What is the temple gate scheme
4  cards
15.1 Planning for urban sustainability
What are some sustainable urban s...,
What are some social plans that t...,
4  cards
15.2 Sustainable living in Freiburg
What are some sustainable urban s...,
What are freiburg s strict energy...,
What are some key facts about the...
3  cards
15.3 Sustainable traffic management strategies
What has freiburg done to reduce ...,
What are some benefits of trams,
What are some effects of introduc...
3  cards
19.1 The global distribution of resources
What is a resource,
What are the most important resou...,
How man people suffer from undern...
6  cards
19.2 Provision of food in the UK
0  cards
19.3 Provision of water in the UK
Why is the demand for water incre...,
Where are areas of water surplus ...,
Why are some areas in water surplus
12  cards
19.4 Provision of energy in the UK
How has the uk energy mix changed,
Why is the uk s energy security a...,
Why are fossil fuels likely to re...
9  cards
20.1 Global food supply
0  cards
20.2 Impacts of food security
0  cards
20.3 Increasing food supply
0  cards
20.4 The Indus Basin Irrigation system
0  cards
20.5 Sustainable food production
0  cards
20.6 Sustainable food production (2)
0  cards
21.1 Global water supply
What is water security,
Why is water security important,
What are some factors of water st...
5  cards
21.2 The impact of water insecurity
What are some impacts of water in...,
Why does water conflict affect wa...
2  cards
21.3 How can water supply be increased
How can diverting supplies and in...,
How can dams and reservoirs incre...,
What is desalination
4  cards
21.4 The Lesotho Highland River Project
Where is lesotho located,
What is the lesotho highland project,
What are advantages for lesotho
6  cards
21.5 Sustainable water supplies
What are some water conservation ...,
How can grey water be recycled
2  cards
21.6 The Wakel River Basin Project
How high can temperature reach in...,
What are some issues with water s...,
What are the 2 main schemes of th...
10  cards

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