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Equations For exam
Kinetic energy
13  cards
What can we use infrared for,
What can we use radio waves for,
What can we use visible light for
26  cards
What is a isotope,
What is alpha radiation,
What is beta radiation
14  cards
Work and Power
How to calc work,
How to calc power
13  cards
Magnet and Solar system
What is geocentric,
What is heliocentric,
What is a satellite
13  cards
What is the def for elastic,
What is extension,
What is directly proportional
8  cards
What are ways we can insulate a home,
What measures radioactivity,
What are some sources of backgrou...
6  cards
How do concave lenses effect light,
How to convex lenses effect light,
What is the principal focus
3  cards
Why can t sound travel through a ...,
What does sound travel,
If wave speed increases what also...
4  cards
Conservation of energy
Can energy be created,
What are examples of energy stores,
What is efficiency
17  cards
Sp1-2 type stuff
What is momentum,
How do we calculate momentum,
What is acceleration
8  cards
keeping warm
What is the purpose of insulation,
What 3 ways can heating be transf...,
What is a low thermal conductivity
5  cards
Nuclear fission and fusion
What is nuclear fission,
What is nuclear fusion,
Why is nuclear energy good
10  cards
What is the order of a star for a...,
What is the order of a star for a...,
How does a nebula form a protostar
16  cards
What is the plum pudding model
1  cards
What is a current,
What is potential difference,
What is a circuit
28  cards
How do the electrons move in an p...,
How do the electrons move in an a...
8  cards

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