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Key words unit 1
Centile chart
35  cards
Principles of Growth
What is growth,
What are the principles of growth,
What can growth be a indicator for
6  cards
Principles of Development
What is development,
How many areas of development are...,
What are the areas of development
4  cards
foetal alcohol syndrome
What does fasd stand for,
What is fasd,
What are the effects of fasd
5  cards
Physical Development- Infancy
What are gross motor skills,
How do infants develop their gros...,
At six months what can they do gr...
12  cards
Physical Development - early childhood
Gross motor skill at 2 3 years old,
Gross motor skill at 3 4 years old,
Gross motor skill at 4 5 years old
10  cards
Physical development- Adolescence
What is the physical process that...,
What age does puberty happen for ...,
What age does puberty happen for ...
14  cards
Physical Development- Early Adulthood
What do individual reach in early...,
What is physical maturity,
When are women at their most fertile
6  cards
Physical Development-Middle Adulthood
When does the ageing process begin,
What are some signs of ageing,
What is menopause
6  cards
Physical Development- Later Adulthood
What is the ageing process,
What are some symptoms of ageing,
What is the cause of height loss
4  cards
Intellectual development
What is intellectual development,
What are the types of intellectua...,
What happens at infancy and early...
9  cards
Theory- Stages of Cognitive Development Piaget
What did piaget believe,
What is the name of the first sta...,
What is the name of the second st...
10  cards
Theory: Piaget- How children think
What is conservation,
How did piaget show this,
What happened in these tests
5  cards
Theory: Piaget- Schematic Development
What does this theory explain,
What is a schema,
What happens in the development o...
7  cards
Theory: Language Development- Chomsky
What did chomsky propose,
What is the lad,
Does language follow the same pat...
5  cards
Emotional Development- Self-concept
What is emotional development,
What is self concept,
What is self image
5  cards
Theories: Attachment
What is attachment,
What did bowlby believe about att...,
According to bowlby how many prim...
20  cards
Stages of play
What do stages of play link to,
What is the age range of the firs...,
What is the age range of the seco...
10  cards
friendships and relationships
How do you build friendships,
When do close friendships start f...,
What do close friendships do to i...
17  cards
What does independence involve,
What happens to independence in i...,
What happens to independence in e...
11  cards
Maturation theory
What does the maturation theory h...,
What is the theory based on,
True or false gesell was the firs...
7  cards
social learning theory
What does the social learning the...,
What is the social learning theor...,
What are the four principles of t...
17  cards
(Theory)nature v nurture
What is nature,
What is nature based on,
What is nurture
12  cards
(Theory)Life events and its effects
What is a life event,
What is the two types of life events,
Examples of life events
13  cards
Factors affecting development - Genetic Factors
What is genetic factors,
What is genetic predisposition,
What happens if a defective gene ...
11  cards
Factors affecting development- Biological factors
What are biological factors,
Does the mothers lifestyle affect...,
What are the effect of lifestyle ...
4  cards
Factors affecting development-environmental
When does pollution ahppen,
How does pollution enter the body,
Examples of outdoor pollutants
10  cards
Social Factors- family dysfunction
What are some characteristics of ...,
Reasons for dysfunctional families,
Impact of dysfunctional families
12  cards
Social factors- bullying
What are the types of bullying,
What is verbal bullying,
Examples of verbal bullying
13  cards
influence of culture and religion on development
What can influence of culture and...,
Name some examples of dietary res...,
What are some possible health ben...
7  cards
economic factors
What are economic factors,
What are the economic factors,
What is income and expenditure ec...
14  cards
Activity Theory
What can continued social activit...,
What is the activity theory based on
2  cards
Social Disengagement Theory
What is the social disengagement ...,
What is the social disengagement ...
2  cards
Ageing-Cardiovascular disease
0  cards
Ageing- Degeneration of the nervous tissue
0  cards
Ageing- Degeneration of the sense organs
0  cards
Ageing- Osteoarthritis and nutrition
0  cards
0  cards
Ageing- effects of illness common in ageing
0  cards
Ageing-psychological effects in ageing
0  cards

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