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Chapter 6 Content
Normal sequence for head to toe a...,
What do you do first,
34  cards
Ch 6 Verbal Responses
The head looks normal,
The head looks large,
The head looks small
20  cards
Study Guide Objectives: Lessons 1 and 2
Name situations in which a nurses...,
When was physical assessment inco...,
Name 3 problems in incorporating ...
33  cards
Lessons 1-3
Give examples of situations in wh...,
Describe how nursing practice and...,
What are the 3 problems with inco...
35  cards
Lesson 4
Temperatureabnormally low normal ...,
Bpnormal prehypertension stage 1 ...,
Where do you do oral temperature ...
54  cards
Lesson 5
When does nociceptive pain develop,
Where does somatic pain come from,
Where does visceral pain come from
34  cards
Lesson 6
Why do we do a basic head to toe ...,
What is the normal sequence,
Describe flow of head to toe asse...
38  cards
Lessons 7 & 8
Cultural humility,
Do you stare at people in ny what...
14  cards
Unit 2 Terms-Joe
Abdominal distention,
65  cards
Test 2 Heart and Lungs-Cher
Type of respirations that is like...,
Type of respirations that come wi...,
Dka can be seen with what type of...
79  cards
Test2-Thorax and Lungs-MJ
What do we need to be careful for...,
What happens if we break off the ...,
Why is the sternal angle like x m...
61  cards
Test2-Heart and Neck Vessels-MJ
What does apetm all physicians ea...,
What is the basic blood flow in t...,
S1 closer of ____ valves
43  cards
Test2-Peripheral Vascular System-MJ
Do the arteries carry oxygenated ...,
Are the artery walls low or high ...,
What kind of muscle do the arteri...
54  cards
Test2-Mental Status Assessment-MJ
When do you do a mental health as...,
What does mse stand for,
What must you keep in mind when d...
78  cards
Test 2-Cher-Labeling parts
Label the parts on the patients r...,
Label the parts on the patients left,
Label the parts on the patients left
34  cards
Test2-Neurological System-MJ
What is cranial nerve i and what ...,
What is cranial nerve ii and what...,
What is cranial nerve iii and wha...
39  cards
Test2-Musculoskeletal System-MJ
Bending a limb at a joint,
Straightening a limb at a join,
Moving a limb away from the midli...
19  cards
Test2-Heart Notes from Mrs. Scoby-MJ
What does the right side of the h...,
What does the left side of the he...,
What side works harder and why
54  cards
Test 3 A&P Labeling - Cher
Label her right side top to bottom,
Label her left side top to bottom...,
Label top to bottom on her left
16  cards
Exam 3 (Josh) - Head, Face, Neck
The swelling of which gland is co...,
What are the triangles of the neck,
Which lymph nodes is located behi...
30  cards
Exam 3 (Josh) - Eyes
Which area of the brain sees with...,
Which is thicker in the eye veins...,
Where is the physiological blind ...
31  cards
Exam 3 (Josh) - Ears
Top of the ear is the,
You can push on this part of the ...,
The eustachian tube is located in...
44  cards
Exam 3 (Josh) - Nose, Mouth, & Throat
Clinical name for nostrils,
Clinical name for septum,
How many sinus locations are there
16  cards
Exam 3 (Josh) - Skin
Presents itself as a yellowing of...,
What would be the skin color of a...,
Small slightly raised red spots o...
21  cards
Exam 3- Breasts and regional lymphatics-MJ
If a woman is not pregnant are th...,
What are the cooper ligaments,
What tissue is the bulk of the br...
45  cards
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