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Chapter 1 - Evidence Based Assessment
____ data is what the patient say...,
____ data is observed when inspec...,
23  cards
Chapter 1 Practice Questions
After completing an initial asses...,
A patient tells the nurse that he...,
The patients record laboratory st...
28  cards
Chapter 2 - Cultural Assessment
______ is an interactive and ongo...,
Performing a _____ is an integral...,
What must the nurse assess first ...
28  cards
Chapter 2 Practice Questions
The nurse is reviewing the develo...,
During a class on the aspects of ...,
During a seminar on cultural aspe...
37  cards
Chapter 3 - The Interview
The ____ is the best chance to ga...,
The interview allows for compilat...,
Interview characteristics
40  cards
Chapter 3 Practice Questions
The nurse is conducting an interv...,
Receiving is a part of the commun...,
The nurse makes which adjustment ...
7  cards
Chapter 4 - The Complete Health History
What is the health history sequence,
What is the purpose of health his...,
Cc ____
13  cards
Chapter 4 Practice Questions
Has co,
Rect the patient a has a history ...,
A 59 year old patient tells the n...
34  cards
Chapter 5 - Mental Status Assessment
______ is a person s emotional an...,
The nurse understands that all of...,
A _____ is a significant behavior...
9  cards
Chapter 5 Practice Questions
During an examination the nurse c...,
The nurse is assessing the mental...,
The nurse is assessing a 75 year ...
39  cards
Chapter 8 Practice Questions
When performing a physical assess...,
The nurse is preparing to perform...,
The nurse is assessing a patients...
43  cards
Chapter 9 Practice Questions
The nurse is performing a general...,
When measuring a patients weight ...,
During an examination of a child ...
17  cards
Chapter 10 Vital Signs Practice Questions
A patients weekly blood pressure ...,
When assessing an older adult whi...,
Which technique is correct when t...
34  cards
Chapter 14 Head, Face, Neck, and Lymphatics Practice Questions
A physician tells the nurse that ...,
A mother brings her 2 month old d...,
The nurse notices that a patients...
41  cards
Chapter 15 Eyes Practice Questions
When examining the eye the nurse ...,
During ocular examinations the nu...,
The nurse is performing an extern...
40  cards
Chapter 16 Practice Questions
The nurse needs to pull the porti...,
The nurse is examining a patients...,
When examining the ear with an ot...
40  cards
Chapter 17 Practice Questions
The primary purpose of the ciliat...,
The projections in the nasal cavi...,
The nurse is reviewing the develo...
26  cards
Chapter 18 Practice Questions - Breasts, Axilla, and Regional Lymphatics
Which of the following statements...,
In performing a breast examinatio...,
In performing an assessment of a ...
44  cards
Chapter 19 Practice Questions - Thorax and Lungs
Which of these statements is true...,
When performing a respiratory ass...,
When assessing a patients lungs t...
41  cards
Chapter 20 Practice Questions - Heart and Neck Vessels
The sac that surrounds and protec...,
The direction of blood flow throu...,
The nurse is reviewing the anatom...
42  cards
Chapter 21 Practice Questions - Peripheral Vascular System and Lymphatic System
Which statement is true regarding...,
The nurse is reviewing the blood ...,
The nurse is preparing to assess ...
39  cards
Chapter 22 Practice Questions - Abdomen
The nurse is percussing the seven...,
Which structure is located in the...,
A patient is having difficulty sw...
39  cards
Chapter 12 Practice Questions - Nutrition
The nurse recognizes which of the...,
When assessing a patients nutriti...,
The nurse is providing nutrition ...
33  cards
Chapter 13 Practice Questions - Skin, hair, and nails
The nurse educator is preparing a...,
The nurse educator is preparing a...,
The nurse is examining a patient ...
48  cards
Chapter 26 Practice Questions - Anus, Rectum, and Prostate
Which statement concerning the an...,
Which statement concerning the sp...,
The nurse is performing an examin...
31  cards
Cranial Nerves
Cranial nerve i,
Cranial nerve ii,
Cranial nerve iii
12  cards
Chapter 24 Practice Questions - Neurologic System
The two parts of the nervous syst...,
The wife of a 65 year old man tel...,
Which statement concerning the ar...
56  cards
Chapter 25 Practice Questions - Male Genitourinary System
The external male genital structu...,
An accessory glandular structure ...,
Which of these statements is true...
41  cards
Chapter 27 Practice Questions - Female Genitourinary System
During a health history a 22 year...,
During an examination the nurse o...,
During a speculum inspection of t...
48  cards
Chapter 23 Practice Questions - Musculoskeletal System
A patient is being assessed for r...,
A patient tells the nurse that sh...,
The functional units of the muscu...
51  cards
Chapter 30 Practice Questions - Bedside Assessment and Electronic Documentation
At the beginning of rounds when e...,
During an assessment the nurse is...,
During a morning assessment the n...
12  cards
Chapter 28 - Complete Health Assessment: Adult
An 85 year old man has come in fo...,
The nurse is performing a vision ...,
After the health history has been...
32  cards
Chapter 29 Practice Questions - The Complete Physical Assessment: Infant, Young Child, and Adolescent
A 5 year old child is in the clin...,
Which statement is true regarding...,
When assessing the neonate the nu...
6  cards
Chapter 32 Practice Questions - Functional Assessment of the Older Adult
The nurse is assessing an older a...,
The nurse is preparing to perform...,
The nurse needs to assess a patie...
15  cards

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