higher chemistry

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Rate of reactions - collision theory
Collision theory,
Successful collisions can only oc...,
Activation energy
4  cards
Rate of reactions
Why must reaction rates be contro...,
Relative rate calculation,
12  cards
Rates of reactions - reaction profiles
Enthalpy change,
Exothermic reaction,
Endothermic reactions
5  cards
Mole ratio problem solving
0  cards
Structure and bonding
What are bonds,
Why do atoms form bonds,
Metallic bonding overview
10  cards
Bonding continuum
What is one of the main things th...,
Ionic bonds are formed by differe...,
Polar covalent bonds are formed b...
12  cards
Van der Waals forces
3 types of van der walls force,
Description of london dispersion ...,
Effect of atom size on london dis...
15  cards
Periodic trends - covalent radius
Trends in atomic size can be expl...,
Across a period the covalent radi...,
Down a group the covalent radius ...
7  cards
Melting and boiling points
Melting and boiling points depend on,
How do boiling points change acro...,
Melting and boiling points going ...
3  cards
Periodic trends - ionisation energy
Definition of ionisation energy,
Are ionisation energies endotherm...,
General equation for first ionisa...
8  cards
Definition of electronegativity,
Electrons are shared exactly even...,
Which atom is the electrons in a ...
7  cards
Mole equations - equations/ processes
Statement of which reactant is in...,
Statement of which reactant is li...,
Atom economy remember
3  cards
Enthalpy delta h,
Enthalpy delta h,
Bond breaking
7  cards
Process For Standard Solution Or Titration
How to make a standard solution w...,
What is a standard solution,
Standard solution with solid
5  cards
Remember -
Points to be made to improve indu...
1  cards
Dynamic equilibrium,
Dynamic equilibrium is reached when,
Ways equilibrium is altered
11  cards
0  cards
Prelim don’t make same mistake twice
Which type of bonding is never fo...,
Best way to measure gases
2  cards
Hydrocarbons- Carboxylic acids, esters and alcohols
Carboxylic acids
11  cards
Fats and oils
What do fats and oils do,
How are fats and oils obtained,
Fats and oils are
16  cards
Formation of soaps,
How many molecules are produced f...,
Structure of soap
8  cards
Detergents reference to soap,
Where are they useful,
Main difference between detergent...
3  cards
An emulsion contains,
Emulsions in food,
What prevents oil and water compo...
4  cards
Corrections - soaps, detergents and emulsifiers
Ionic head of soap can be describ...,
What part of a soap will a deterg...,
5  cards
Two types of proteins,
Fibrous proteins,
Globular proteins
11  cards
Alcohols, Oxidation, Reduction and Carbonyls
Properties of alcohols,
Uses of alcohols,
Primary alcohol
23  cards
UV light and skincare
What is uv light,
Three types of uv light,
Effect of uv light on molecules
16  cards
Essential oils, Isoprene and Terpenis
Terpenes are,
Isoprene systematic name
16  cards
Why are hot water baths use to he...,
How to draw product of ester and ...,
Why should a beaker containing a ...
11  cards

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