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Bone Marrow and Hemopoiesis
Vascular sinusoids,
Reticular cell in bone marrow,
Hemopoietic compartment of red ma...
18  cards
How much blood does the circulato...,
What type of tissue is blood why,
Function of blood
43  cards
Endocrine Glands
What are the main cell type in th...,
How is blood supplied to the adre...,
What factor s stimulate inhibit tsh
94  cards
Oral Cavity and Teeth
Where do microvilli of the taste ...,
What are the 3 distinct zones of ...,
What is the function of myoepithe...
116  cards
Cards from Anatomy-Genetics
0  cards
The Eye
What is the arrangement of the ne...,
What is the lacrimal gland,
What causes the aqueous humor to ...
101  cards
The Ear
What does the helicotrema connect,
What is the ductus reuniens,
What is the vestibular membrane r...
56  cards
Urinary System
What type of gland is the kidney,
What are the major functions of t...,
Describe the organization of the ...
116  cards
Male Reproductive System
What acts as the endocrine gland ...,
What acts as the exocrine organ i...,
What type of gland is the testes
134  cards
Female Reproductive Sytem
What are the two main functions o...,
What is the function of estrogen,
What is the function of progesterone
157  cards
Lymphatic Tissue
What are the primary lymphatic or...,
Lymphatic tissue can be organized...,
What are the secondary lymphatic ...
101  cards
Components of the cardiovascular ...,
How many circuits distribute bloo...,
Describe pulmonary circulation
69  cards
Respiratory (Histo)
What are the 2 major division of ...,
What are the 3 major components o...,
What types of cells are found in ...
84  cards
Stomach and Esophagus
What are the components of the ai...,
What are the principal organs ass...,
What is the function of the mucos...
52  cards
What role does the small intestin...,
What role does the small intestin...,
The small intestine is divided into
100  cards
Liver, Gallbladder, and Pancreas
What are the extramural organs of...,
What organ is considered the dige...,
What are the endocrine functions ...
127  cards
Functions of skin,
Epidermal derivatives of skin,
Three layers of the skin
98  cards
Vascular System
Where is the tunica intima what d...,
What are the three layers of vess...,
What is the subendothelial layer ...
90  cards
Cells and Organelles
Describe the method of preparatio...,
What is light microscopy used to ...,
Describe hemotoxylin
123  cards
Epithelia and Glands
2 main characteristics of epithel...,
Describe the polarity of epitheli...,
Location catergories of epithelium
101  cards
Connective Tissue
Ct vs epithelium,
General ct composition,
Ct cells
94  cards
Ecm of bone ground substance fibers,
Articular cartilage,
Histological examination of bone
63  cards
Nervous Tissue
Nervous tissue composition,
Recepts on nervous tissue,
78  cards
What are the three fates of myobl...,
What is a myoblast,
Skeletal muscle cells characteris...
53  cards

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