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Early Christian Ireland
What is a pagan,
What is a druid,
What is a monastery
16  cards
Archaeology & History
What is prehistory,
What is archaeology,
What is an archaeologist
20  cards
What was the forum,
What were aqueducts,
What is an amphitheatre
28  cards
What was the renaissance,
What is fresco,
What is sfumato
24  cards
The Age of Exploration and Conquest
What were the problems of sea travel,
Why did people want to explore,
Explain how the renaissance influ...
26  cards
The Reformation
What were the causes of the refor...,
What does protestant mean,
How was luthers protestant church...
23  cards
The Plantations
What was the pale,
Name the 3 groups living in irela...,
What does surrender and regrant mean
17  cards
The French Revolution
What were the causes of the frenc...,
What was an absolute monarch,
What was the enlightenment
23  cards
The 1798 Rebellion
What were the long term causes of...,
What were the penal laws and give...,
What were the short term causes o...
14  cards
The Great Famine & The Irish Diaspora
0  cards
Ireland between 1911-1922
Name the 3 political parties and ...,
Describe how a law would be made ...,
What was the parliament act of 1911
19  cards
The 1916 Easter Rising, Sinn Fein, the First Dail
What was the saying the irb said ...,
What was the name of the group th...,
Who were the members of the secre...
52  cards
The War of Independence
When did the war of independence ...,
What name did the irish volunteer...,
What were the methods of the ira
14  cards
The Anglo-Irish Treaty
Who did the irish delegation include,
Why did de valera not go to londo...,
Who did the british delegation in...
13  cards
Medieval Times
2 sources we can use to learn abo...,
What system was used to organise ...,
What was crop rotation what are t...
25  cards
Northern Ireland
Where was northern ireland s parl...,
Who was northern ireland s first ...,
How many mps did northern ireland...
12  cards
Irish Civil War
What groups did the ira split int...,
Taking over the four courts 1 who...,
Who was commander in chief of the...
30  cards
Ancient Ireland
When was mesolithic ireland,
List several tools and weapons us...,
Describe the food and how it was ...
17  cards
The Emergancy
Why was cumann na ngaedhal increa...,
What was the electoral amendment ...,
How many seats did fianna fail ge...
16  cards
Causes of WWI
What were the causes of wwi,
What were the technology and weap...,
What were the experiences of wwi
16  cards
Communist Russia
What was communism,
Who was the tsar and when did he ...,
When were the tsar and his family...
8  cards
Fascism in Italy
What was the cause of fascism in ...,
How many goats did italy have 191...
9  cards
Causes of World War II
What were three general causes for,
How did hitler plan to defy the t...,
What was the anglo german naval a...
19  cards
27.2 Fall of Poland and France
Why did hitler want poland,
What was the german army s tactic...,
Explain blitzkrieg
13  cards
27.3 The Battle of Britain and the Blitz
What was operation sea lion,
What was the battle of britain,
What did the german u boats do
15  cards
27.4 Invasion of USSR and Battle of Stalingrad
What was operation barbarossa,
Why did hitler want to invade the...,
How did germany invade the soviet...
14  cards
27.5 The war beyond europe
What happened at pearl harbour,
What was the effect of the attack...,
What was the battle of el alamein
7  cards
27.6 The D-Day Landings
What was operation overlord,
Why did churchill and roosevelt c...,
What were the five beaches codenames
10  cards
Consequences of WW2
Why did the allies win the war,
How did hitler die,
What were short term impacts of t...
7  cards
The Efforts to Achieve Peace in N.I.
Name the 4 agreements used to ach...,
What year was the,
What year was the anglo irish agr...
17  cards
Fascist Germany- Ross to power
What was the weimar republic,
Why did peoples confidence in the...,
November criminals
19  cards
Fascist Germany- Life in Germany
How did the nazis transform the e...,
What were the public work schemes,
What was rearament
25  cards
The Cold War. CH29O
What were the general causes of t...,
What is a communist country,
Capitalist economy
13  cards
The Berlin Blockade 29.2
When was the berlin blockade,
Germany and berlin fate after ww2,
What was life like in germany
13  cards
Eu integration
Leaders involved in eu integration,
Reasons for european integration,
Steps to eu integration
24  cards

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