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Medieval period
Whose ideas was the four humours ...,
What did the four humours idea state,
What skill did hippocrates teach ...
102  cards
Renaissance period
When was the printing press invented,
When was the microscope invented,
When did vesalius write fabrica
125  cards
Industrial period
What was florence nightingale s g...,
What establishment did nightingal...,
What was the name of nightingale ...
108  cards
Modern medicine
What did salvarsan 606 treat,
What was the first magic bullet c...,
How many people did salvarsan 606...
140  cards
How did the yalta conference of 1...,
How did the potsdam conference of...,
What was decided about elections ...
120  cards
Escalation of conflict in Vietnam
Give two reasons why the french w...,
During ww2 who invaded indochina ...,
Who were the viet minh
211  cards
Ending of conflict in Vietnam
What was vietnamization and when ...,
By june 1969 how many troops had ...,
What did america do during vietna...
123  cards
pt.1 American people and the boom
Anagram to remember reasons for t...,
What is raw scan in terms of reas...,
How did advertisement result in t...
100  cards
pt.2 depression and new deal
Give 3 examples of how inequality...,
What were the 5 causes of the gre...,
Give 3 examples of how problems i...
110  cards
Pt.3 Post War America
Why did consumerism increase afte...,
How did the us government avoid a...,
Give an example of consumerism in...
212  cards
Elizabethan england
What was elizabeth s mother called,
Who was anne boleyn executed by a...,
What was the main reason why henr...
174  cards
Elizabethan England pt. 1
What was elizabeth s mother called,
Who was anne boleyn executed by a...,
What did the execution of anne bo...
88  cards
Elizabethan England pt. 2
How did religion enforce the soci...,
Give the social positions of eliz...,
Who were the nobility
149  cards
Elizabethan England pt. 3
What was elizabeth s religious se...,
What were the 2 laws that elizabe...,
Give 3 things that the act of sup...
108  cards
history dates for Conflict and tension
Korea division,
Truman doctrine,
Berlin blockade
68  cards
history dates for America
First model t ford released,
Russian revolution,
Ww1 ends
70  cards
history dates for Elizabethan England
When did elizabeth nearly die of ...,
When were parliament openly discu...,
When did mqs come to england
53  cards
history dates for medicine through time
When was st bartholomew s hospita...,
When was thest mary of bethlehem ...,
When was st giles hospital in nor...
74  cards
standard SI units converting
8  cards

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