history - conservatives 1970-74

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1970-74 Key Terms
What was the new right what did i...,
What is a one nation conservative,
What is the free market
12  cards
Introduction to Heaths Government and Proposed Reforms
What are the 3 factors of the bri...,
Did the 1970 s experience the bri...,
How was heath different from prev...
19  cards
INITIAL Agenda of Heath's Government
When was the industrial relation ...,
What did the industrial relations...,
What did the industrial relations...
16  cards
Initial budget impacts and Devaluation
Who was chancellor of the exchequ...,
What were 2 negative impacts of h...,
What type of inflation occurred i...
15  cards
Issues with Trade Unions: Upper Clyde Shipbuilders
Where was ucs located,
How significant had ucs been for ...,
What was the problem for ucs by t...
17  cards
Political U-Turn
What is a political u turn,
How many months in to heath s gov...,
What was an economic and industri...
6  cards
1972 Miners Strike
When did the first miners strike ...,
Why did the miners strike,
What pay increase did the miners ...
14  cards
1974 Miners Strike
What war started in 1973,
What did the war mean would happe...,
What was an additional charge tha...
23  cards
Additional Strikes and their Impact
What was a massive problem with t...,
What did most trade unions do wit...,
What did the tuc advise employers...
18  cards
Tensions in Northern Ireland
What did ian paisley create in 19...,
What law did the government creat...,
What was internment law
20  cards
Britain joining the EEC
Why was britain more able to join...,
When did britain sign the treaty ...,
Why was joining the eec significa...
24  cards
OPEC and the Oil Crisis
Name some opec countries,
What war occurred in 1973,
How did opec respond to western c...
19  cards
Relations with the USA
What was the biggest issue with t...,
What did america want to use brit...,
How did heath respond to america ...
12  cards
Relations with the USSR and China
Why could the ussr relations have...,
What happened by the 1970s with t...,
How could tensions between the uk...
12  cards
Youth Culture Developments - Punks
Name a rebellious youth culture t...,
What inspired the creation of pun...,
Name 3 british punk bands
22  cards
Changes in Housing and Leisure 1970-72
How was affluence seen by the 1970 s,
What did people want for their li...,
What is a town which had redevelo...
19  cards
Music, Fashion and Immigration 1970-72
What did the group t rex change i...,
What was significant about the ch...,
What was significant about how da...
15  cards
Youth Culture Developments - Skinheads and New Genres
What did skinhead culture develop...,
What was skinhead culture origina...,
What happened to skinheads by the...
16  cards
Oil Crisis of 1973, Royal Family Developments
Where was the man from that princ...,
What was the significance of who ...,
What did princess anne s marriage...
23  cards
Permissive Society Developments and Environmental Consciousness
What did the public start to real...,
What series did the bbc make high...,
What was the scale of doom watch
18  cards
Changes to Consumerism in 1973-4
What did credit allow people to do,
How was affluence seen by the ear...,
What was the general idea of barb...
9  cards

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