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Crime and Punishment - Medieval, c.1000-1500
What were the four types of crime...,
Which crimes were introduced in t...,
Which crimes were introduced in t...
28  cards
Crime and Punishment - Early Modern, c.1500-1700
What were the three main crimes t...,
Which punishments were used durin...,
What were the four positions of l...
20  cards
Crime and Punishment - Industrial, c.1700-1900
What were the main changes to cri...,
When could someone found disguise...,
Reasons for the rise of highway r...
41  cards
Crime and Punishment - Modern, c.1900-2000
How has technology as a whole imp...,
What new crimes have been defined...,
How have old crimes been changed ...
44  cards
Case study 1 - the influence of the Church in the 13th century
What was sanctuary,
What was benefit of clergy,
Why was trial by ordeal used
5  cards
Case study 2 - The Gunpowder Plotters, 1605: their crimes and punishment
What were recusants,
What was the penalty for being a ...,
When did james i come to the throne
15  cards
Case study 3 - Matthew Hopkins and the witch-hunts of 1645–47
Reasons for the rise of witchcraft
13  cards
Case study 4 - Pentonville prison in the mid nineteenth century
What was pentonville prison set u...,
When was pentonville built,
What was the separate system what...
6  cards
Case study 5 - Robert Peel
Who was robert peel,
What was robert peels importance ...,
What was significant about the met
8  cards
Case study 6 - The treatment of conscientious objectors in the First and Second World Wars
What were the two types of co,
How were pacifists treated,
Why were cos treated so harshly b...
8  cards
Case study 7 - Derek Bentley
How old was bentley when he was e...,
Why was it controversial,
Why was this case important
3  cards
Whitechapel (2)
What was the population of whitec...,
What were conditions like in whit...,
What were rookeries what was an e...
42  cards

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