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1250 - 1500 Characteristics
What was the primary religion dur...,
How powerful was the king from 12...,
What were the three main groups o...
12  cards
1250 - 1500 Crimes
What were the two vague types of ...,
Who invented the law that the ste...,
What are homicides
8  cards
1250 - 1500 Law Enforcement
What were tithings and what was t...,
What could sheriffs do to tackle ...,
What were chief constables of the...
10  cards
1250 - 1500 Punishments
What were the four main punishmen...,
What kind of crimes would typical...,
What crime would result in impris...
9  cards
1500 - 1750 Characteristics
Where did the majority of people ...,
How did the economic divide devel...,
How rapidly did the population of...
11  cards
1500 - 1750 Crimes
How did the percentage of crimes ...,
What change was there to crime ra...,
What change was there to crime ra...
19  cards
1500 - 1750 Law Enforcement
What change to law enforcement le...,
How much did law enforcement chan...,
When were jps given more power
11  cards
1500 - 1750 Punishments
What was the pillory,
What were stocks,
What were cucking stools
14  cards
1750 - 1900 Characteristics
How did the percentage of people ...,
How did the wealth gap change in ...,
What caused an increase in povety...
7  cards
1750 - 1900 Crimes
Which crimes increased in frequen...,
What crime arose in the industria...,
How was the rate of crime changin...
7  cards
1750 - 1900 Law Enforcement
Why did the old law enforcement s...,
Who were the bow street runners,
Who founded the bow street runners
17  cards
1750 - 1900 Punishment
When did the bloody code end,
What change was made to hanging d...,
Who developed the long drop
24  cards
1900 - 2019 Characteristics
Why was the first half of the 20t...,
How did the power of the church c...,
How did voting change up to the m...
5  cards
1900 - 2019 Crimes
How did crime levels change over ...,
What crime arose as a result of m...,
What three driving regulations we...
14  cards
1900 - 2019 Law Enforcement
What changed about the public vie...,
What is community policing,
What changed about how policemen ...
22  cards

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