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Crime, punishment and law enforcement in Anglo Saxon England
What was england s population in ...,
Where did 90 of the population li...,
What were the rural communities i...
20  cards
Crime, punishment and Law Enforcement in Norman England
What and when was the battle of h...,
What changed in crime and punishm...,
How did william punish rebels who...
16  cards
Crime, punishment and law enforcement in the middle ages
What was the impact of henry the ...,
What were the changes in crime an...,
What were the continuities in cri...
14  cards
Case study: the influence of the Church on crime and punishment
What factors made the church so p...,
When and why did trial by ordeal end,
What were church courts
6  cards
Changing the definitions of crime c1700-c1900
When were custom officers introdu...,
When were import duties lowered,
When did the government introduce...
20  cards
Law enforcement and Punishment, 1500-1700
What effect did the growth of tow...,
What was a town constable,
What was the role of a night watc...
12  cards
Changing attitudes to punishment, c1700-c1900
What was the number of capital cr...,
Why did transportation to austral...,
Why was transportation used
10  cards
law enforcement, c1700-c1900
What were the 3 main continuation...,
When did the feilding brothers se...,
Who did feilding appoint as the b...
13  cards
Case study: The seperate systems at pentoville prison
Why was pentonville prison built,
What were the 5 main things the s...,
What three things were designed i...
6  cards
Case study: The reforms of Robert Peel
When was robert peelson primemini...,
When did robert peelson become ho...,
Why was robert peelson seen to be...
6  cards
Changing the definitions of Crime, 1500-1700
What was the name of the german p...,
When did heresy and treason becom...,
When did henry the 8th declare hi...
20  cards
crimes and definition of crime, 1900-present
Define hate crime,
Define social crimes,
When was abortion legalized
34  cards
Law enforcement, c1900-present
When were women first recruited t...,
What college did the police open ...,
What important developments were ...
10  cards
Changes in punishment, c1900-present
What was the decline of the use o...,
How many people a year were execu...,
What was the homicide act of 1957
20  cards
Case study: Concientious objectors in the first and second world wars
What did the military service act...,
What were conscientious objectors...,
What were absolutists
9  cards
The crimes and punishments of the gun power plotters, 1605
When was the gun powder plot,
Who was the leader of the gun pow...,
What was the aim of the gun powde...
9  cards
Witchcraft and the law, 1500-1700
How did attitudes to witches chan...,
When did witchcraft become a capi...,
When did the law of witchcraft ch...
11  cards
Acts, when they were, what they did and who they affected
Murdrum fine,
Forest laws,
Statute of labourers
57  cards

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