history gcse elizabethan england

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1.1 The Situation on Elizabeth's accession
How old was elizabeth when she ga...,
What year did elizabeth access th...,
If you were 16 in 1558 what perce...
129  cards
1.2 The Settlement of Religion
What year did catholicism stop do...,
What was vital in the catholic re...,
What did religious festivals mark
57  cards
1.3 Challenges to the religious settlement
What did puritans think of the re...,
What did the puritan clergymen ig...,
In what way did puritan clergymen...
100  cards
1.4 The problem of Mary, Queen of Scots
What date was mqs born,
How old was mqs when she became q...,
Who was mqs parents
42  cards
2.1 Plots and Revolts at Home
What year were europeans first aw...,
What year did philip ii invade en...,
When was the revolt of the northe...
107  cards
2.2 Relations with Spain
What happened in 1570 that worsen...,
What happened in 1571 that worsen...,
What happened in 1574 that worsen...
70  cards
2.3 Outbreak of war with Spain 1585-88
When was the treaty of joinville ...,
Why did elizabeth have to change ...,
When was elizabeth offered sovere...
38  cards
2.4 The Armada
When was mqs executed,
When did philip ii launch the spa...,
What religious reasons were the c...
42  cards
3.1 Education and Leisure
0  cards
3.2 The Problem of the Poor
0  cards
3.3 Exploration and voyages of discovery
Why was trade expanding rapidly,
Why did england have to look for ...,
Who funded many voyages of discovery
29  cards
3.4 Raleigh and Virginia
0  cards

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