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Mediaeval to Renaissance causes of disease
What time period was the renaissance,
What is renaissance french for,
What improved during the renaissance
26  cards
Mediaeval to Renaissance treatment of disease
Did bleeding and purging continue...,
What was used to purge the bowels...,
Why didn t purging work
22  cards
Preventing illness in the renaissance
Supernatural thinking that was us...,
How did people try and remove mia...,
What was the regimen sanitatis
4  cards
Significant individuals
What did thomas sydenham push,
How did thomas sydenham categoris...,
What was it previously thought be...
14  cards
The Royal Society funded by King Charles the second
What was the royal society set up...,
What were the aims of the royal s...,
Why was the royal society important
3  cards
Care during the renaissance period
How did wise women change from th...,
What did wise women use to treat ...,
Why were wise women used
17  cards
New technologies that helped during the renaissance
What was the printing press,
Why did printing presses play an ...,
How many printing presses were th...
6  cards
Edward Jenner
What method was used to prevent s...,
Why did jenner disagree with the ...,
Who did edward jenner discover we...
13  cards
Louis Pasteur And Robert Koch
What is the spontaneous generatio...,
What did pasteur discover was cau...,
How did he discover that the germ...
12  cards
Reform Act
How could vote before the reform act,
When was the reform act,
Who were the votes extended to in...
4  cards
The Great Stink
When was the great stink,
What caused the smell,
How much had the london populatio...
5  cards
John Snowe
Context of john snow,
What did the book he published in...,
Who mocked john snows suggestions
7  cards
What was the solution to pain bef...,
What was wrong with the solutions...,
Who discovered laughing gas
12  cards
Joseph Lister
What did joseph lister discover,
How did joseph lister develop ant...,
What was joseph listers death rat...
3  cards
Ignez Semmelweise
What did semmelweise discover,
What were doctors doing before,
What did semmelwiese make it mand...
4  cards
Florence Nightingale
What war was florence nightingale...,
What did florence nightingale do,
What impact did florence nighting...
3  cards
What were the german trenches like,
What were the british trenches like,
What was nomans land
10  cards
The 4 Major Battles
The four major battles,
When was the battle of the somme,
What happened during the somme
15  cards
Impacts of health in the trench
Causes of trench foot,
What would trenchfoot cause,
What was trench fever caused by
7  cards
Evacuation route
Evacuation route,
St what did stretcher bearers do,
Rap what happened at the regiment...
6  cards
Who Helpd the wounded
Ambulances actual vehicle,
What does ramc stand for,
Who where the ramc
15  cards
Developments during the war
Plastic surgery,
X ray machines,
Blood transfusions
6  cards
Modern Diagnosis
Blood sugar monitors,
X ray machines,
Ct scans
8  cards
Treatment and care improvements
Nurses and doctors have to carry ...,
Compulsory training for midwives ...,
Officers of health have to be not...
16  cards
Why was the need for national health service
Blitz spirit
1  cards
Why government started improve healthcare
Social reformers,
What did rowntree and booth both ...,
Who was rowntree a close friend of
7  cards
Care provided by the NHS
Blood transfusions,
Gene theory,
Plastic surgery
11  cards
Joseph lister,
How did alexander fleming discove...,
Who used flemings work to mass pr...
7  cards

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