history of america 1865-90 - the gilded age 1877-1890

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Overview of the Gilded Age
Who coined the term gilded age,
What does gilded mean,
How can the term gilded be seen w...
37  cards
Views on Politicians of the Gilded Age by Historians
Who created the term gilded age,
What does gilded mean,
How can the term gilded be applie...
16  cards
Laissez-Faire Politics and Economics of the Gilded Age
Define laissez faire as an econom...,
Define social darwinism,
Which people in society believed ...
24  cards
The Presidents from 1877-93
Name all of the presidents from 1...,
What do many traditional historia...,
What have revisionist historians ...
7  cards
Presidents from 1877-93: Hayes (1877-81) Election Victory and Civil Service Reform Attempts
What political party was hayes under,
What was the issue when the elect...,
Which 3 states were uncertain on ...
41  cards
Presidents from 1877-93: Hayes (1877-81) Railroad Strike
When did the railroad strike in h...,
Why did the 1877 railroad strike ...,
What did some politicians request...
5  cards
Presidents from 1877-93: Garfield (1881-81)
Who was hayes heavily opposed by ...,
Who led the stalwarts,
What did hayes attempt to do whic...
31  cards
Presidents from 1877-93: Arthur (1881-85)
What did arthur continue to try a...,
Name a law which arthur passed wh...,
What 2 things did the 1883 pendle...
16  cards
Presidents from 1877-93: Cleveland (1885-89)
What political party was clevelan...,
What was significant about clevel...,
Who opposed cleveland in his atte...
29  cards
Presidents from 1877-93: Harrison (1889-93)
What did harrison focus his whole...,
Which section of society did harr...,
Why did civil war veterans suppor...
20  cards
Political Corruption of the Gilded Age and reactions against Laissez-Faire Politics
Define pork barrel politics,
Which political machine did the t...,
What did the tammany hall politic...
40  cards
The Beginning of the Rise of Populism
Give an example of a book written...,
What book was written in 1879 opp...,
What did henry george s book suggest
14  cards
American Expansion and Foreign Issues from 1865-90
Define manifest destiny,
When did the term manifest destin...,
Why did the usa not want to get i...
43  cards
Western Expansion in the America and the National Myth
What was the national myth,
What belief encouraged the belief...,
How did the usa exploit native am...
16  cards
Foreign Affairs: The Great Plains Wars
What region of north america had ...,
What people of north america were...,
How long did the great plains war...
23  cards
Foreign Affairs: The Consolidation of Territory
What was the dream of thomas jeff...,
What did thomas jefferson s idea ...,
What would be the reality with na...
26  cards
Foreign Affairs: Consequences of Western Expansion
What was the national myth,
How did the native americans play...,
How were native americans seen du...
27  cards
Foreign Affairs: Developments in Native American Wars up to 1890
Why did the nez perce war break o...,
What battle brought an end to the...,
Who was the leader of the nez per...
29  cards
Foreign Affairs: The Land and Culture Situation for Native Americans by 1890
Which president created the burea...,
What is the bureau of indian affairs,
What association was there for th...
22  cards
Foreign Affairs: Tensions between the US and Canada
What was an issue with a native a...,
Which province was causing tensio...,
What raids were taking place in c...
26  cards
Foreign Affairs: The Turner Thesis and the end of The Frontier
What did the turner thesis say,
What happened to the frontier in ...,
What did turner talk about in hig...
11  cards
Economic Developments: Reasons for Industrial Growth
What did the government need to d...,
Why would raising federal funds b...,
What type of currency was introdu...
30  cards
Ruthlessness of Monopoly Owners
How was carnegie ruthless with un...,
Who created the trusts for rockef...,
How many trusts did rockefeller s...
8  cards
Economic Developments: Urbanisation and the rise of Corporations and the impact of the 1873 Depression
What was the situation with indus...,
What event happened in the usa to...,
Which industries became prominent...
38  cards
Economic Developments: Railroads, Steel and Oil
What industry did vanderbilt star...,
How much money did vanderbilt mak...,
What did vanderbilt do with his m...
33  cards
Economic Developments: Electricity
When did samuel insull come to ch...,
What initial company did insull s...,
What quickly happened to general ...
5  cards
Economic Developments: Cartels and Trusts
What were cartels,
What were trusts,
What would be an issue with carte...
5  cards
Economic Developments: Issues for Farmers all over the USA
What was one of the main exports ...,
Why were the south able to farm s...,
How many people lived on farms in...
20  cards
Economic Developments: Agriculture in the Northeast
How did agriculture benefit the n...,
What were large cities usually hu...,
How did most agricultural product...
8  cards
Economic Developments: Agriculture in The South
What did reconstruction bring an ...,
What did reconstruction fail to b...,
What was the consequence of the c...
7  cards
Economic Developments: Agriculture in The West
What developments were there for ...,
When did the oklahoma land rush b...,
What caused the oklahoma land rush
13  cards
Economic Developments: Cowboys and The Meat Industry
Where was cattle ranching based,
Why was cattle ranching based in ...,
Who formed a meatpacking business...
11  cards
Social Developments: Reasons for Immigration to the USA
How much did the overall populati...,
What was one large factor for the...,
Why did so many people want to im...
16  cards
Social Developments: Push and Pull Factors for Immigration to the USA
Where did most immigrants come fr...,
What specific group of europeans ...,
Where did most german immigrants ...
14  cards
Social Developments: Social Divisions in the USA from 1865-90 with Chinese Immigrants
What movement developed within pe...,
What did nativism try and do,
Which social group s immigration ...
21  cards
Social Developments: Regional Divisions in the North and East
How much had the population of ne...,
Where were most trading hubs for ...,
Which parts of the usa were the m...
22  cards
Social Developments: Regional Divisions in The South
Which two races in the south had ...,
Why did poorer farmers resent ric...,
Why did poorer farmers get into debt
14  cards
Social Developments: Regional Divisions in The West
Why did many miners and farmers m...,
Why did lots of miners go to to c...,
Why did lots of miners go to the ...
30  cards
Social Developments: Causes for increasing forms of Protests up to 1890
Name 2 reasons poorer farmers wer...,
What percentage of labor workers ...,
Which race did americans start to...
13  cards
Social Developments: The Knights of Labor and the AFL and the NLU
When was the knights of labor formed,
What was significant about who th...,
What were 2 things the knights of...
17  cards
Social Developments: The Granger Movement
When was the granger movement for...,
Why was the granger movement formed,
Who did the granger movement allo...
19  cards
Social Developments: The 1877 Railroad Strike
What caused the 1877 railroad str...,
Why did the b o company give out ...,
What happened when the workers st...
10  cards
Social Developments: Rise and Fall of the Knights of Labor
When was the knights of labor for...,
Name 2 things which the knights o...,
What was a slightly more radical ...
14  cards
Social Developments: Developments for Women - Seneca Falls and the start of Feminism
What did susan b anthony believe,
What did susan b anthony do in 18...,
Who did susan b anthony work clos...
14  cards
Social Developments: Developments for Women - Temperance Movement and NAWSA
What was womens suffrage,
What convention happened in 1848,
What was created at the 1848 sene...
16  cards
African American Social Developments:Ida B Wells and how The South Industrialised
What was happening to african ame...,
Why did industrialisation start i...,
What did ida b wells discover in ...
6  cards
African American Social Developments: Booker T Washington
Name the school that booker t was...,
What was tuskegee institute like ...,
What was the name of booker t was...
12  cards
African American Social Developments: W.E.B Dubois
Was dubois born into slavery,
Where was dubois educated in his ...,
What qualifications did dubois get
7  cards
African American Social Developments: Sharecropping and Social Divisions
What was sharecropping,
Which social group was most likel...,
What had practically happened to ...
10  cards
African American Social Developments: Education Progress and The Black Exodus
How many african americans owned ...,
Why did many african americans le...,
What did many african americans s...
20  cards

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