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T1: ‘Why did the relationship between Charles and Parliament deteriorate 1625-9?’
Charles i marries henrietta maria,
William laud appointed bishop of ...,
Charles i gained a loan from city...
16  cards
T1: How successful was Charles I’s Personal Rule (1629-40)?
When did charles sign the treaty ...,
Financial effects of the treaty o...,
Charles issued monopoly patent fo...
21  cards
T1: What led to the English Civil War in 1642?
When did the long parliament asse...,
When were laud and wentworth arre...,
When was strafford wentworth exec...
21  cards
T1: Civil War Timeline
Royalist victory at battle of edg...,
When does pym tax parliamentary a...,
When does pym sign the solemn lea...
19  cards
T1: Rump Parl
The commonwealth,
Leveller mutiny at burford leader...,
Reform had slowed by
16  cards
T1: Cromwell and Republican Rule 1653-60
When was the nominated assembly s...,
When was the nominated assembly d...,
When was the instrument of govern...
15  cards
T1: The Restoration Settlement
When did the new convention parli...,
When did parliament vote that gov...,
What were the criteria for stabil...
20  cards
T1: The Rest of Charles II's Reign
What years was the second anglo d...,
When were english ships destroyed...,
The plague
28  cards
T1: James II
Louis came to throne,
Louis xiv revoked edict of nantes,
3 questions were put to all jps a...
19  cards
T2: How effectively did the Anglican Church evolve?
When did richard montagu publish ...,
When did charles i appoint montag...,
When was laud appointed bishop of...
23  cards
T2: why did dissent survive?
Corporation act,
Act of uniformity,
Conventicle act
15  cards
T3: Population Growth
Population 1520 compared to 1680,
In 1600 what percentage of norwic...,
Influx of french huguenots in
8  cards
Topic 5
Charles ii did and james accessio...,
Monmouth s rebellion is crushed,
Godden vs hales case allows james...
82  cards
T3: Structure of Society
Elizabethan poor law in place until,
Charles i s policy of thorough,
Act of settlement
4  cards
T3: Women
Matthew hopkins operated,
How many deaths was matthew hopki...
7  cards

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