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Chapter 8 Part 1
What type of protein does meat ha...,
What type of fat is in meat,
What is meat
202  cards
Chapter 8 Part 2
Give examples of stone fruits,
Give examples of hard fruit,
Give examples of dried fruit
102  cards
Chapter 15 - Consumer Protection
What is the cosumer protcted by,
What are the two most importent c...,
Under the sale of goods and suppl...
20  cards
Chapter 16- Money Management
What is the purpose of a budget,
What is a budget,
Defintion of gross income
33  cards
Chapter 17- Quality
What characteristics do a good qu...,
What is quality control,
Explain the term quality
4  cards
Chapter 12-Consumers
What are needs,
What are wants,
What do needs and wants depend on
12  cards
Chapter 18-Advertising
Why is it important that advertis...,
What is advertising,
What are the functions of adverti...
23  cards
Chapter 33
What is a property of a textile,
What are desirably properties,
What are the functions of soft fu...
19  cards
Chapter 34-Clothes
Guidelines for buying clothes,
What are accessories,
Why are accessories worn
17  cards
35-Fabric Care
How do you take care of clothes,
How do you prepare laundry for a ...,
How do you wash delicate fabrics
21  cards
Chapter 36-Fibres And Fabrics
What are continuous filaments,
What are staple fibres,
Whats the difference between natu...
73  cards
Chapter 9-Food Processing
What are the conditions required ...,
What are the methods for food pre...,
Why is freezing used to preserve ...
41  cards
Chapter 1-Nutrition
Functions of food,
Factors affecting food choice,
Define nutrient
70  cards
Chapter 21
What are the two layers of skin,
What does the malapighian layer do,
What is the dermis made up of
25  cards
Chapter 24-
What is management,
What is a resource,
What are the human resources
174  cards
Chapter 7
Reasons for cooking food,
Effects of cooking on food,
Effects of overcooking food
69  cards
Chapter 2
What happens to proteins when a d...,
What happens to fats when a diges...,
What happens to carbs when a dige...
8  cards
Chapter 13
What is the decision making process,
What does d stand for in the deci...,
What does e stand for in the deci...
62  cards
Chapter 22-23
What are the guidelines for gener...,
What are guidelines for good ment...,
What is a vaccination immunisation
28  cards
Chapter 19
What is a family,
What are the 4 types of family,
What is a nuclear family
17  cards

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