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Special diets
Guidelines to reduce sugar intake,
Health problems associated with a...,
Effects of high salt intake
27  cards
Starting fo cook - Recipe modification
To reduce sugar,
Why are recipes modified changed,
To reduce fat
5  cards
Starting to cook - Food preparation skills
10  cards
Starting to cook - Cooking
Effects of cooking on food,
Reasons for cooking food,
Effects of overcooking on food
7  cards
Starting to cook - cooking methods and accompaniments
Dry methods of cooking,
Moist methods of cooking,
Using fat methods of cooking
19  cards
Digestive system
Two types of changes in digestion,
Function of the digestive system,
Physical change
19  cards
Guidelines for good health,
What does health mean and what ar...,
What does good mental health mean
15  cards
Food - baking
Common faults in cake making,
Guidelines for baking at home,
Test to see if cake is cooked
11  cards
A balanced diet
Healthy eating guidelines,
Nutrient correct amounts for energy,
Food pyramid order max min intake
10  cards
Safety and first aid - Home
Prevention of accidents electricity,
Causes of accidents,
Prevention of accidents fire
5  cards
Textiles in use
Uses of textiles,
Functions of soft furnishings
10  cards
Guidelines for buying clothes,
Functions of clothes,
10  cards
food and nutrition
Factors affecting food choces,
Functions of food,
41  cards
Fabric care
Care labelling,
Taking care of clothes,
Washing instructions
27  cards
Needlework Skills
Chain stitch,
Stem stitch,
Fiur types of embroidery stitches...
43  cards
Fibres and fabrics
Natural fibres,
Manufactured fibres
58  cards
The sewing machine
Straight stitch,
List of machine stitches,
Zig zag stitch
15  cards
Examples of goods,
What is a consumer,
Examples of services
7  cards
Consumers' rights and responsibilities
What are reesponsibilities,
What is a right,
What are the consumers rights
11  cards
Factors that influence our decisions,
The decision making procress,
What should you consider when sho...
38  cards
Consumer Protection
1 sale of goods and supply of ser...,
Two most important consumer laws,
What is the consumer entitled to ...
33  cards
Money Management
System when planning a budget,
Steps in planning your own budget,
What is gross income
20  cards
What is a good quality product,
List of quality symbols,
What is a guarantee
15  cards
Important four words
The oldest older main,
The worst worse,
The youngest younger
6  cards
What is a resource,
Types of resources,
What is a goal
6  cards
home and community
Types of shelter housing,
Factors to consider when choosing...
7  cards
Foods: Fish
Cooking fish,
Storing fresh fish,
Nutritive values in fish
18  cards
Foods: Meat
Causes of toughness in meat,
Tenderising meat methods
25  cards
Foods: Eggs
Uses of eggs,
Composition of an egg,
Nutritive value protein
19  cards
Foods: Milk
Sources of milk,
Nutritive value protein,
Nutritive value fat
30  cards
Milk Products
Types of cream,
Standard cream
28  cards
Uses of cheese,
Types of cheese,
Au gratin
14  cards
Citrus fruits,
Hard fruits,
Berries soft fruits
24  cards
38  cards
Food procressing
Food processing,
Food preservation,
Conditions required for micro org...
14  cards
Food processing: Freezing
Freezing guidelines,
Unsuitable for freezing,
Packaging foods for freezing
16  cards
Food processing: canning, drying, irradiation
Buying canned food,
Buying dried food
10  cards
Food processing - Additives
E numbers,
Fortified foods,
Advantages of additives
15  cards
Food processing - Food labelling
Unit pricing,
Advantage of nutrition info,
Date marking
7  cards
The body - The respiratory system
Excretory organs,
What do the lungs excrete,
What does skin excrete
10  cards
Methods of advertising sources,
Special techniques,
Language slogans
28  cards
Technology in the home
Technology and household tasks,
Food prep,
19  cards
Tech - cookers
Parts of cooker,
Thermostat functions,
Features of modern cookers electr...
13  cards
Food processing - Convenience foods
Types of convenience foods,
Ready to cook foods,
Cook chill foods
8  cards
Trch - refrigerators
Working principle how it works,
What it does,
Care maintenance
22  cards
Design and room planning
Primary colours,
Secondary colours,
Tertiary coloufs
53  cards

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