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Ecology - 4.1 Species, Communities and Ecosystems
27  cards
Ecology - 5.3 Classification of Biodiversity
Binomial system,
Sub species,
29  cards
Cell Biology - 1.1 Introduction to Cells
Cell theory,
Aristotle s spontaneous generation,
Pasteur s experiment to go agains...
55  cards
Cell Biology - 1.2 Ultrastructure of cells
Prokaryotic cells,
Eukaryotic cells
41  cards
Cell Biology - 1.5 Origin of Cells
The 4 main processes needed for t...,
Understanding for origin to cells,
Steps to the origin of life do no...
12  cards
Cell Biology - 1.3 Membrane Structure
Davson danielli model 1930 the sa...,
Singer nicolson model the fluid m...,
Relationship between amino acids ...
23  cards
Cell Biology - 1.4 Membrane Transport
Passive transport,
Active transport,
Semi permeable
48  cards
Molecular Biology - 2.3 Carbohydrates and Lipids
Basic facts of carbohydrates,
Monosaccharides one sugar,
D and l glucose information
77  cards
Molecular Biology - 2.5 Enzymes
What is an enzyme,
Enzyme understandings,
Breakdown of how enzymes work and...
18  cards
Metabolism / MB - 8.1 Enzyme inhibition (HL only)
Enzyme inhibition understanding a...,
2 types of inhibition,
Competitive inhibitors always add...
21  cards
Molecular Biology - 2.8 Cell Respiration
Respiration understanding and 2 t...,
Role of energy in a cell,
Adp atp process and explanation a...
14  cards
Metabolism / MB - 8.2 Aerobic Respiration (detail) (HL only)
Notes glycolysis the formation of...,
Oxidative phosphorylation process,
Mitochondria structure and function
14  cards
Molecular Biology - 2.9 Photosynthesis
Photosynthesis is dependent on a ...,
Temperature s effect on photosynt...
13  cards
Molecular Biology - 8.3 Photosynthesis Reactions "detailed"/HL
Overview of steps processes in ph...,
Light dependent phase understandings,
Ldp non cyclic photophosphorylation
10  cards
Molecular Biology - 2.6 Structure of DNA and RNA
Nucleic acids,
Polymers of nucleotides
19  cards
Nucleic Acids - 7.1 DNA Structure, Replication, Transcription and Translation (SL/HL)
Scientists behind the experiment ...,
Hershey and chase s experiment,
Dna is found in almost all cells ...
53  cards
Molecular Biology - 2.7 DNA Replication, Transcription & Translation
Why is dna replicated,
Steps in dna replication
24  cards
Nucleic Acids - 7.2 Transcription (HL (+ some SL))
Transcription basic understandings,
72 transcription and gene express...,
Nucleosomes in transcription
38  cards
Nucleic Acids - 7.3 Translation (HL (+ some SL))
27 understandings 5,
73 understandings 6,
Structures involved in translatio...
21  cards
Genetics - 3.5 Genetic Modification and Biotechnology
Gene technolodies 6,
Dna sequencing
34  cards
Genetics - 3.1 Genes
21  cards
Genetics - 3.2 Chromosomes
Prokaryotic genetics,
Eukaryote genetics
11  cards
Cell Biology - 1.6 Cell Division
Interphase process doctor,
Dna supercoiling chromatin versus...
30  cards
Genetics - 3.3 Meiosis
Meiosis 1 reduction division
29  cards
Genetics - 10.1 Meiosis (HL)
Meiosis process bioninja summary ...
6  cards
Genetics - 3.4 Inheritance
Inheritance mendelian genetics gr...,
Gametes and fusion of gametes
82  cards
Genetics - 10.2 Inheritance (HL)
The dihybrid cross,
How to work out dihybrid cross
34  cards
Evolution - 5.1 Evolution Evidence
Evolution involves a genetic changes
43  cards
Evolution - 5.2 Natural Selection
Variation across a range grade,
Variation across a range cline,
Continuous gradual change cline o...
44  cards
Evolution - 5.4 Cladistics
What is a clade,
What is a cladograms,
Evidence for a clade species
48  cards
Genetics - 10.3 Speciation
Population definition,
Gene populations information and ...,
The importance of evolutionary an...
84  cards
Human Physiology - 6.1 Digestion and Absorption
The two groups of organs which co...,
83  cards
Human Physiology - 6.4 Gas Exchange
Processes involved in physiologic...,
Gas exchange
53  cards
Human Physiology - 6.2 The Blood System
Blood is composed of,
56  cards
Plant Biology - 9.1-9.4
Functions of a leaf,
95  cards
Neurophysiology and Behaviour - OPTION E
Neural development,
Simplified breakdown of human fer...,
Non simplified breakdown of human...
138  cards

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